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Must have travel accessories

Everyone has their own experiences while traveling. It can be exciting and pleasant for some, while exhausting and lengthy for others. Do yourself a favor and invest in some products that will make your life easier. Whether you are traveling for work or for fun, these are the best everyday travel accessories of 2019.   And to make your life even easier, all of these products can be found on Amazon!   Best Travel Pillow: Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow – The Best Neck Pillow with 360 Head & Neck Support $39.99 Whether you’re driving on a road...

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Where to travel in March

The end of March marks the beginning of a new season, or at least that’s what the calendar tells us. For many of us, March just means another day of cold without a noticeable change in temperature. For others, it might just be the start of the cold weather season. Wherever you stand on the scale, there’s a place out there just waiting for you to visit. Plus, if you’re looking to score better travel deals and fewer crowds, March might just be the perfect time to plan your next vacation. Here are some places we think you might...

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Over the past few years, United has been making all sorts of headlines…but not the kind of headlines they would want. But, is bad publicity better than no publicity? We aren’t sure in their case. The latest United misconduct happened just a few weeks ago when they were responsible for the death of a puppy. Sophia and Catalina Robledo, a mother and daughter travelling together with their 10-month-old puppy from Houston to New York had a nightmare experience. When they got on board, the mother put the dog in his carrier but struggled to fit it under the seat...

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