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Bitcoin or Bit-Bubble

Bitcoin or Bit-Bubble Everything new and different goes through phases. There’s the “start phase”, when no one knows what it is, but a few jump on board and are extremely passionate, determined, and dedicated to make it work. Then there’s the “success phase”, where those early adopters start to see others make money and want to get involved in the success. Lastly, there’s the “everyone gets in phase” as it appears to be a win so everyone wants a piece of the action. The Bubble is what follows, and whenever there is a bubble, the bubble ends up bursting. ...

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Celebrity Brand vs. Your Brand. Are they Different?

Celebrity Brand vs. Your Brand Entrepreneurs should always consider unique ways to stand out from the crowd when creating their business. There are important questions that need to be asked: What makes your brand unique? Is it the name? The logo or product? The tagline? Facebook, Twitter and Instagram aren’t just your normal marketing channels anymore. They are a platform to encourage engagement with the world. Every social media outlet offers unique ways to get your message, voice or persona across. The most dynamic social media presence for celebrities is connecting and conversing with their most important stakeholders, their...

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Media Attention… Brand Builder or Brand Buster?

Media attention… brand builder or destroyer? This is something that is debated by most people, and opinions often vary based on what side of the industry you are on, and where the person stands to benefit the most.  It’s time to actually explore the statement that all media attention is positive…is that really possible? One thing is for sure; when you, your business or brand are in the media, everyone knows who you are.  Does that leave you with positive or negative awareness? Media exposure holds a certain level of prestige. If you are talked about in the media,...

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