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The Perfect Buyer In a Multiple Offer Deal

Lets set the scene.. The home has been just been listed at a price based on comps so it is just right, its either staged or the interior is designed to appeal to the masses, and you have just concluded your second open house. All weekend long you are being told, “OH this space will sell quickly!” Sunday evening comes around and wham, the first offer comes in, then the second. By the end of the evening you are on the phone with different buyer agents negotiating and you have seven written offers for the seller. The seller of...

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The Real Estate Bird Dog

When inventory is low, you have one of two options for your buyer. You can have them wait out the dry period or you can go and find properties that are not listed yet. Often times, investors are drawn to areas where demand is high for rentals and those areas get short on inventory very quick. Beyond a rental cap, many times buildings start wait lists in order for the owners to be able to rent out their spaces. But you for sure don’t ever want to disappoint a buyer or leave them hanging, so most real estate agents do what they call...

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Why Referrals Are The Heart of Business

A realtor has two jobs, sales and lead generation. Just as any other business owner, without leads and your ability to sell to those leads, you have a hobby, not a business. When growing a business, many realtors try to reach the masses and convert those cold leads into revenue. It isn’t impossible, but it takes a lot of time. For example, they say, for a buyer you meet at an open house, it takes 8-12 touch points until they start to trust you. Success is about building relationships, so its why any business and real estate agents should start with their sphere of influence....

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The Expectations Of A First Time Home Buyer

It’s an exciting time, you have made up your mind to become a homeowner and you start your search! As a first time home buyer, the process is much like a roller coaster. The excitement can turn to disappointment if your search tends to go a little longer than you expected to find your dream home. But don’t let it. First time home buyers should be aware of the reasonable expectations it takes to find a home, and sometimes what you see in your head isn’t what you find, but it can be even better. There are about 4 emotions a first time home...

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Finding the Best Comparables in a Changing Market

Markets can change by the year or by the season. Many homeowners, whether they are interested in selling or not, are often curious how the market has affected the value of their home. Finding a comparable comp to your home is very much a numbers game. There is not much guessing involved. If you know the right properties and the right timelines, creating your own comps can help you find some reassurance or build up your confidence in the market. As long as it is done correctly. Real Estate agents have access to special tools such as the MLS...

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