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How To Be A Morning Person

Mornings can be hectic. Some of us may enjoy the start of the day, waking up early with our goals top of mind. Others, on the other hand, would do anything for an extra 10 minutes in bed.   Wherever you fall on the spectrum, a good morning routine can dramatically improve your life. We are most productive when we first wake up, so setting yourself up with a system at the start of every day will also ensure your productivity remains throughout your day.   Your routine does not need to be long, just effective. Here are some...

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Reducing Stress The Right Way

Stress is an enivtable factor in our lives, it is there whether we want it to be or not. In today’s society, we are finding more and more people who suffer with high cortisol levels (the stress hormone) it is usually left undiagnosed because there aren’t any unusual side effects other than, excessive stress, anxiety, weight gain, memory loss and moodiness which most often people will just categorize as “PMS “or stressful working conditions. In order to find out if your cortisol levels are raised, a blood test is required. The best way to manage initial increased cortisol levels...

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Your Goals And Health

Written by Huni Hunjford   Is your health worth more than your success? Think about that for a minute. Many of us take that path of doing whatever it takes to succeed. Many of us don’t understand the difference between doing whatever it takes and doing whatever it takes without jeopardizing our health. The more I explore the world and learn new things and processes, the more I see that I am unique when it comes to my health and success. My journey started in 2012, when I started to learn for real, after finishing my masters in business. That...

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Future therapies – the cutting edge of celiac disease research

Life is not easy for those with celiac disease. According to a recently published report, an individual with celiac disease spends about AUD 1,650 more per year than someone who does not suffer from this disease. This extra expense can be explained away by an increase in the cost of the premium materials used in the preparation of Gluten-free foods as well as the increased costs in technologies used by the industry to ensure the safety and quality of Gluten-free products. Complicating matters further is the fact that few restaurants are adequately prepared to cater to those suffering from...

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Ketogenic Diet – Fad or Fiction?

Recently, ketogenic diets are becoming more popular amongst people, but the biggest questions that most people are asking, is does it really work and is it better for me? Despite the recent keto hype, it actually has been around for almost 100 years. Originally it was used to treat drug-resistant epilepsy. In the 1970s, Dr. Atkins created his well-known low carb diet for weight loss, and that in fact starts with a 2-week ketogenic phase.   What is a ketogenic diet? In essence, a keto diet causes the body to release ketones into the bloodstream. Our bodies turn carbohydrates...

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