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Circular Economy And The Power It Holds

With Camilla Haugsten and Jasper Steinhausen Sustain your competitive advantage by leading through learning. The world’s top CEOs practice true leadership by always engaging in thought-provoking theoretical pedagogy and implementing newly developed attributes. Ouroboros bridges the gap between learning and doing; walking you through the initial inception up until execution “Circular Economy” is a more profitable way of doing business because there is no waste. Basically, everything is a resource, which in turn means everything has a value, even waste. When companies take this way of doing business and put it into play, it helps the planet, as it consciously...

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Is Veganism the fix or are we starving ourselves?

Vegansim is becoming a huge trend in society, just a few years ago it was thought that vegans were these strange hippies who just ate sticks and leaves, but the more progressive the world becomes, the more people start down the vegan road and never look back. Veganism is a subject that you either love or hate. Many people believe different things when it comes to being a vegan, should you follow that way of life or are we starving our bodies of the nutrients it needs from meat and dairy? There are many celebtries who have joined veganism...

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