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Fashion forward – a new office environment

How we dress at work has changed over the years. Formality is no longer mandatory, and dress codes have become increasingly more flexible across the entire workforce. The traditional tailored monochromatic suit has been replaced by garments such as jeans and tennis shoes, and by lighter fabrics such as linen and cotton. This shift towards the casualization of fashion has been instigated by the changing demands of consumers across the industry. Also, companies are no longer exclusively concerned with corporate image and are now open to considering the comfort of their workers and the image they want to project....

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Flattering for fall

It’s that time of the year again where we start to prepare ourselves for the crispy cuddle weather outside, and you know what that means? Put away your short shorts and crop tops, and dust off your knitted sweaters, because it’s fall time. But the transition into cooler months doesn’t mean you can’t be cute this fall, in fact, there are so many ways to take your style from zero to hero with little to no real effort. Here are 6 trends for the upcoming months, with some tips and tricks to take your style from drab to fab. Baggy...

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Dress for the job you want – fad or fiction?

Does what you wear to work matter? We think so, pretending that no one cares or notices your drab office wardrobe isn’t doing you any favors. The Wall Street Journal pointed out a few studies that backed that up, they said It does matter what you wear to work. Not only does your clothes effect your confidence but it’s true, people make quick judgments about your abilities based on what you’re wearing. No one wants to look up to someone with a fuzzy sweater and dirty shoes. In a 2014 study at Yale, showed that men who wear suits are better at negotiating...

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