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Earth without “art” is just “eh”

If you’ve opened your eyes before, chances are, you’ve seen art. Art can be as simple as starting an old challenge with a new mind set. That is us being open-minded, and allowing our minds to flow freely. So many people have a misconception of artists, thinking they have a special quality that others lack.  But that, my friends is not the case. There is no right or wrong way to be an artist, when we create, it allows us to take risks without judging ourselves. Art is imperfect, so don’t take things to heart if they don’t go...

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Are you really what you eat?

A lot of people have the misconstrued idea that an energy drink will aid them in either staying awake to get work done, or to give them that kick to keep on going but that’s not entirely true because although you might have a kick of energy, what its actually doing to your body is way worse. “What you don’t reach for is as important as what you do,” says New York City-based nutritionist Cindy Moustafa. “Energy drinks are often loaded with sugar and way more caffeine than coffee, which can cause jitters and heart racing. Even if it...

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