Month: March 2020

Home Inspections Don’t Have to Kill a Deal

No one likes surprises when it comes to buying a home, and no one intentionally would want to sell a home that has any defects that could hurt another. For both the buyer and the seller, a home inspection is a great way to know the details of the property you are either looking to give to another or are about to purchase for your yourself and / or your family. No home is perfect, but knowing the ins and outs of your home is a great way to sell or buy with confidence, and to build confidence to sell it...

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The Perfect Buyer In a Multiple Offer Deal

Lets set the scene.. The home has been just been listed at a price based on comps so it is just right, its either staged or the interior is designed to appeal to the masses, and you have just concluded your second open house. All weekend long you are being told, “OH this space will sell quickly!” Sunday evening comes around and wham, the first offer comes in, then the second. By the end of the evening you are on the phone with different buyer agents negotiating and you have seven written offers for the seller. The seller of...

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The Coronavirus and Real Estate

The media lately is in an uproar about the latest Coronavirus pandemic.  A typical coronavirus is a family of viruses that cause illness ranging form the common cold to the flu and possibly death.  The most recent virus has people in a scare because there currently is not a vaccine for it and it has an incubation period of 1-20 days so people are walking around not knowing they have it.  Over the last week, the world has seen some drastic economic shifts due to this virus. In the US, the stock market fell to numbers we haven’t seen...

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