With everything revolving around relationships, the connection you have with your sellers and
buyers is a tremendous factor in your success. Whether a person is coming to see a home for
a first time or if they are looking to find someone to list their home, the connection to build is
much like the feeling you experience when walking into a luxury hotel. Making the sale is about
creating the connection. A buyer is expecting to feel a connection between a homes character
and comforts. So much as the seller is also looking for an agent who they too feel confident
about and can trust. For both the buyer and the seller, its on the agent to facilitate this
connection to elevate the home buying journey.

Every buyer has a vision in their head of their ideal home. Not just in appearance, but in how
the home makes them feel. What makes a home memorable is much like a stay in luxury hotel.
Keen knowledge and observation are key. The agent is to know every detail of the property and
the neighborhood to entail questions are answered at ease. You want to pick up little cues of
what the seller / buyer mentions as important, though it may not be stressed as so, and bring it
up in later conversation so they know you are paying attention to them. You want to make a
lasting impression so every smell, sight, interaction with the client has a specific detail. The key
to getting all this right is learning how to anticipate the needs of a seller and buyer. When you
anticipate their needs, you are able to provide solutions before they are needed.

When buying or selling a home, it isn’t about the one transaction, its about the big picture and
creating the complete experience. When you experience the essence of a 5 star hotel, its about
the quality, beauty, peacefulness, and discretion. Real estate is no different. Have a welcome
experience of what you want the clients to be exposed to when they show up, have questions in
mind to ask to help them feel comfortable and share that big picture to get them to express their
personal desires. When you know what is motivating the client, you can provide them with the
facts they want. Let the client lead the way through the space, give them control to navigate
what is important for them so you can build off of that and create the ongoing dialog.
But what happens when all you have planned out goes completely wrong? Work the problem
by keeping the customers happiness in mind. In fact, most loyalty comes to pass in any
relationship only after a tough issue has come up and its been corrected fast and to the clients
satisfaction. Taking ownership for any missteps is imperative. Look for the opportunity in
mistakes, whether they are in your control or not, and use them to move your relationship with
the client forward.

The client is always at the center. When you are professional who is both knowledgable and
genuine about being sure the client is always taken care of, your business will take care of itself.
Remember its all about the experience. How are you making your prospects and clients feel
when they meet you or tour one of your properties. Its not what we say that matters, but what
we do to show the client we value them and want to truly help them find the best home.