When looking for a home, people are usually attracted to a specific school, a specific
demographic, or neighborhood. Depending on whether you are looking in the city or the burbs,
sometimes that change can happen within a couple blocks or even the next street over. Without
steering a client into a specific location, realtors can guide and educate you on a specific market
to ensure where you end up living is ideal beyond your front door.

For sellers and buyers who are living in the city, there are many lovely neighborhoods to fit any
characteristic you are looking for. When you find that dream home of yours, be cautious to
know the details of the streets around you within a 2-3 mile radius. Is the area filled with
growing families or young professionals? Are there any projects coming up that will change the
overall landscape or population of the area. Often times a quiet area can be disrupted when a
simple Walmart gets built nearby. Knowing the little details will ensure your happiness and help
any resale value you may look to acquire in the future.

A great neighborhood will sell a home. We all have heard it, “Location, Location, Location!”.
Doing your research on an area will tell you how you home value will change over the next 1-5
years. To save time in your home buying search, make a list of items that define your ideal
neighborhood. Keeping a focused eye on not just the home of your dreams but the
neighborhoods will ensure you don’t waste your time in your search. If you are looking for a
home in the spring, look for activity that shows owners are keeping up or investing in their
properties. Improvements like painting, gardening, and new gutters, tell you they have pride in
both the home and the neighborhood.

Also keep an eye out for neighborhoods who look out for each other. Things such as block
watches and meeting signs show a tight knit community. Attend a meeting or two and talk with
the neighbors to get their perspective on the area. People are often very forthcoming with any
progress or changes they would like to make in the neighborhood. Also visit the neighborhood
in the evening before you make a purchase. Its of course nice to see people out and about
during the day, but you also want to be sure you feel safe at night. Is the area busy? Is it well
lit? Also what you experience during the week may vary greatly on the weekends. Is it an area
where people commute often to get to work during the week and then on the weekends the
neighborhood is a ghost town? Little details like these can really help you find the happiness
you desire in your perfect home.

Beyond a great school district, easy access to transportation, and the neighborhoods' overall
walkability score, there are quite a few details to keep in mind about a home before you buy or
sell. For a buyer it can really make or break a dream home. For a seller, it can really make or
break a sale. Take some time, think about what you ideally want, and remember to keep a list
of deal breakers with you in your search. It’ll keep the time you search for a home efficient and