Month: February 2020

The iBuyer is Here To Stay

A relatively new solution to buying or selling a home has arrived. A real estate transaction typically can run anywhere between a month to a year, or never sell at all. A new group of buyers has found a way to sell your home fast without all the hustle and bustle. This new group of buyers are called iBuyers. iBuyers are companies and / or investors who come in and make a single offer on the home to buy it as is. The “i” in iBuyer stands for instant. The transaction is usually a cash offer, and they take...

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Making the Connection

With everything revolving around relationships, the connection you have with your sellers and buyers is a tremendous factor in your success. Whether a person is coming to see a home for a first time or if they are looking to find someone to list their home, the connection to build is much like the feeling you experience when walking into a luxury hotel. Making the sale is about creating the connection. A buyer is expecting to feel a connection between a homes character and comforts. So much as the seller is also looking for an agent who they too...

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How To Keep Your Listing HOT

In a buyers market, no one can really be more happy at the vast amount of inventory available than the buyer. But what if you are in need of selling your home in a buyers market? How do you stand out from the other properties that may look very similar to yours in appearance and price? Here are are few tricks you and your realtor can do to keep your listing hot. In a typical buyers market, a home usually has a longer “days on market” review and negotiations change quite a bit. The term buyers market is when there is 6...

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Keeping Your Sellers Sanity While Going Through a Divorce

When a home is being sold by sellers who are going through a divorce, navigating through this rocky terrain can often be challenging. Even if a prenup is involved, real estate transactions with divorcing couples can take longer due to legal complexities. Often times the only option in a divorce is to sell the home and divide the proceeds. A divorce is quite possibly the most devastating and emotional point in their life, so handling these emotions while ensuring the home selling process moves along is a balancing act for both the seller and their agent. There are a...

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Putting In A Winning Offer

After constant showings and a few disappointments, your buyer has finally found their dream home! Its exciting and they are finally willing to put in an offer. As their agent, the last thing you want is for them to lose out on their dream home or come in over priced. Whether it is only their offer being presented to the seller or you are in a multiple offer situation, there are some key things to keep in mind to get your offer accepted. As both sides want to feel as if they are getting a deal, from a buyer...

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