True success is a process, not a destination. Identifying the direction you want your life to take and creating the goals you want to accomplish along the way to get there is an ongoing fleet. Before you begin your journey towards success, you must have a definition of what that means to you. In business, the way you plan is the way you succeed. There is no such thing as “get
rich quick”, but you can “get rich. period”. How? Well there are 4 ways according to the new school of wealth builders. Get results fast and happy clients fast: Even if you have to do it for FREE at first or give away your service, the quicker you make people smile and make them see the results, the quicker your bank account will grow.

Solve Problems and Find Solutions: The bigger the problem you solve, the more creative you are solving problems for your clients the more success you will have. Become the solutions finder that gets clients to trust you and tell others about you. Find out how to beat the competition: If you don’t know who your competition is and why they are better than you than it’s virtually impossible to make it. But in today’s market you have be focused on not only those who are in front of you, but also on the ones who are behind you

Relational Capital: The way you create relationships with people around you will define your success. People want to be a part of something where they feel they belong. When people around your feel welcome, it opens the door for creativity and innovation that propels everyone forward.

On the other side of the coin, you will hear people say you simply cannot succeed because you don’t have the funds to implement the ideas or execute the plan you’ve created. There are people who say if you don’t have a degree in business or don’t have connections it’s just impossible to succeed. Many of us have been trained to think in the following ways:

1) Get a Degree First: A degree is your safety net. Before you embark on the road to
entrepreneurs you should get a plan B back up plan. In today’s world if you don’t have a degree
prospects of a great job are few and far in-between and people look at you as if you are just

2) Save Money: The notion is to remove the risk in business by working hard and save up as
much money as possible so that you have a safety cushion as business is very hard and can
take a while before you make any money.

3) Do everything yourself when you start a business. That way you will keep your cost low
and will be able to build a reserve to grow you business. A business is not a sprint but often a
marathon and since the average business does not make it past 5 years, to ensure survival
businesses must be ultra conservative.

4) You Don’t Need Coaching: Go to the library there are thousands of books on business and
ways in which you don't need to spend money on over price coaching and / or networking

The old way of thinking isn’t wrong, but it isn’t necessarily right either. In fact, many people need an education to be classically trained in skills that can save people or better the world. Understanding the way things work allows people to create better and more efficient means of doing anything in life, and allows our society to move forward. Where this thinking gets stuck is
it doesn’t pertain to running or starting a business. The fact that you don’t have the connections or the money shouldn’t stop you from starting or running a business that succeeds. People who say you need these things to run a business are giving you an excuse or a means to doubt yourself. Sometimes the best teacher is life, and the tools for running a business aren’t
taught in school. What makes a great entrepreneur is becoming dependent on your disruptive nature, getting to know your instincts, and taking the risks that give you the confidence to keep going. The mindset of a successful business owner isn't built on staying within the lines. They learn to create their own lines and get others to follow suit. The greatest minds understand that if you take risk out, you take opportunity out. Unfortunately so many people get stuck because they see the stories of people who have failed before they even really ever got started. If you don’t have a plan to succeed, you will fail. People who have
gotten stuck, have done the following:

1) They listen to the negative people in their lives. They are are afraid of failure and are
more afraid of what other people will say if they don’t succeed. But on the other many also have
a fear of success, that their friends will leave them and they will be left alone. Being an
entrepreneur is not easy but when you add the pressure of those around you who probably
don’t want you to succeed, it can make any plan to succeed 1000% harder.

2) Getting stuck with Distractions. Some entrepreneurs often say to themselves I will start
with this business and then I will grow it into something else that will make me more money. But
10 years later they are still doing the same thing and never got out like they once said to

3) Doing everything yourself. Running a business is not easy but if you choose to do
everything yourself it will be very hard to scale. You need at least 1 hire to focus on the
transactional so you can focus 100% transformational. Those are the activities that will bring
wealth and growth.

So in order to have that plan that will work for your business, re-invent yourself and your business model. Everyone is capable of breaking free from their old way of thinking. It isn’t easy and many times people choose to become the victim of who they have become instead of facing the reasons why they should be better. It takes the same amount of energy to solve problems as it does to avoid them. To transform your business and to reinvent your plan, here are 5 ways to get started:

Reinvent #1 Are you able to draw your business model on a napkin. If you can, it means it’s easy to explain
and sell. A confused mind does not buy or invest. Simplicity sells, don’t complicate your
business or plan.

Reinvent #2 Make changes to your business plan every 3 months and ask yourself how the business can be
better, faster, and more efficient. It used to be that you have one business model over decades
that wouldn’t ever change – you’d focus on better implementation or better quality.. but the
business model wouldn’t change. That is the old way of thinking.

Reinvent #3 Come from a place of service. Instead of thinking in terms of money, think in terms of how your
company can offer the best value. If you take care of your customers, they will take care of your
profits and success rate.

Reinvent #4 In what ways can you expand to meet the changing market? Kodak film when went out of
business not because they weren’t innovative, but because they didn’t have a plan in place for
change. Technology allows the world to change faster than ever, and if a business cannot keep
up, someone newer and more efficient will take you over. Blockbuster, and taxi industries did the
exact same thing. If you don’t re-invent yourself every year your business won’t be there long.

Reinvent #5 How can you scale? Innovation isn’t enough without a business model to support your
innovation and the change that comes with it, it only leads to failure. You need to take a look at
your business in terms of is it scalability and if it can grow without you.

The way to be your best is to always be in the mindset to disrupt your current way of thinking. Everyday push your boundaries to see things differently. We often forget that everything around us is connected in someway. What we see happening in the economy can change how we implement change in technology. What we see happening in the school system can affect how
we make changes in getting to space. The knowledge you collect, can change the smallest detail of any part of your personal or business life. And because we are learning so fast, your plan and your definition of success needs to be re-evaluated constantly. Many times we think a new year resolution will suffice for the whole year, when in fact you should be re-evaluating that resolution every few weeks. Disrupt your thought process and push your thinking beyond your own limits. It’s not easy being an entrepreneur but the thrill of getting up everyday with a complete unknown of what the day will bring yet the confidence of knowing something great is about to happen, is the drive that feeds us all.