If 2020 is your year to either buy or sell a home, there are a few renovation projects that an
owner can do to help spice up the place. As a seller, the right renovations can help give you top
dollar for selling. As a buyer, renovations can allow you to see the home as a newer property
and see its potential. Not all work done to a home adds value that equates to the market value
of your home, so its good to be in the know before you go spend a penny or request for

Listing a home “as is” can be the easiest way a seller may think to sell a home, but in todays
market, it just isn’t. Buyers are not looking for projects, they are looking to pay for a home that
they can move in to and its ready to go. One way to renovate the the home that applies to a
wide range of buyers is by growing the space. This can entail opening up the floor plan, adding
improved lighting systems thought the home, or finding the means to allow for additional
storage. Any changes that increase the feeling that the home is now bigger, are an advantage
to the seller.

Another step a buyer can appreciate is when a seller tries to make the home function as if it was
brand new. This can include updating appliances, changing out light fixtures, replacing door
knobs and window treatments. Appliances in both the kitchen and the bathrooms add additional
value to the resell of a property, it isn’t money wasted. Be sure to fix any eye sores in the home.
This can include cracks in the foundation / walls, Any wear and tear that is replaced, will give a
buyer the feeling the value of the home is justifiable to the pricing of a newer home.
A renovation project that is a huge eye sore for buyers if it isn’t done is flooring. Sellers, pull up
the carpeting, and showcase the hardwood floor underneath. You want to appeal to the
masses, so keeping a basic foundation will attract more potential buyers. The fancy rugs you
lay out may be to the liking of the buyer, but unless its included in the sale, they don’t matter.
Stage the home to appear as a blank canvas. Renovation projects that have all the walls of the
home a neutral color, remove any bias or potential negative feelings a buyer may experience if a
certain wallpaper or wall color isn’t to their taste.

In todays market, that saying “You only get one change to make a good first impression”
couldn’t be more true. The market is at an interesting turn. The economy is doing well so
sellers are listing homes at the higher price points, while buyers know inventory is high and they
have quite a section to pick from. A buyer will walk out as fast as they walked in if they see any
detail that isn’t to their liking. A seller has the best chance of selling home fast and at top dollar
if they make renovations that appeal to the masses and are both functional and practical for the