Exercise produces changes in the parts of the brain that regulate stress and anxiety. So that run you wanted to skip can actually increase brain sensitivity to the hormone’s serotonin and norepinephrine, which relieve feelings of depression. Most importantly, it doesn’t matter how intense the workout is! You can lift your mood from exercise no matter the intensity, so go on a quick bike ride, take those stairs instead of the elevator, and find your happiness.  

Make a list of all of your accomplishments

Seeing a list of everything you’ve accomplished can get you ready for what’s next, but predominantly thinking about our wins makes us feel like a winner. This can improve your overall mood and get you ready for the week ahead. *Pro Tip* Get a master list of accomplishments on you at all times, and whenever you accomplish something quickly add it to that list. This will come in handy whenever you may need a little midday pick me up.


Now to preface this, meditation does not look the same for everyone. For some, it’s taking in the few minutes of silence while drinking a cup of coffee in the wee hours of the morning. For others, it’s the warm bath we look forward to on a Sunday night or even reading a good book. Whatever it looks like for you, meditating can quiet overactive areas of your brain and strengthen the areas responsible for joy and happiness. Even if it’s for 5 minutes, make time for it this weekend.  

Get outdoors

Although being outdoors is fun, more importantly, it’s good for the body, brain and soul. Humans need to spend time in natural surroundings because it improves our physical and mental health. This means you should take advantage of that trail right around the corner from your home, take your kids to the park (obviously your dogs count as kids), or just take time for yourself and stepping outside for a minute. We are more connected to the outdoors than we think!

Compliment Someone/Charity

As selfless as you may think a compliment is, making someone you know or even a complete stranger feel good actually can you make feel good! This same thought process can also go or donating to charities. Whether it’s telling that lady her shoes are cute or clicking yes at checkout to donate to charity, do it! Not only will you make someone else’s day, but you’ll make yours as well.  

Learn something new

So, the saying goes you can’t teach an old dog new tricks right? Well we’re here to say that is simply false. In all phases of life, our brains are constantly craving to learn new things. When people are intensely sought out on learning new things, their overall well-being and happiness blossoms. Challenge yourself to learn something new this weekend, and you’ll be delightfully surprised by your mood Monday morning.

Jam out to your favorite song

Whether it’s a throwback from some of your cherished memories or your current favorite, blasting a good song is proven to release dopamine, a feel-good chemical. While you’re singing along and anticipating what’s going to come next, your brain is rapid firing those feel good chemicals. Next thing you know, it’s on repeat and it may have already played 15 times in a row. In the words of one of our favorites, “If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad”.  

Set A New Goal

Setting goals is vital to becoming successful. The thing is that being successful is different for everyone. To some it may be becoming a multi-millionaire, and to others it may be creating a happy life for their family. Whatever it is, you’ll need to set goals in order to get there. In the great words of JT Foxx, “If you want to be great, don’t do your best, do whatever it takes”

Talk to someone in real life

Research shows we simply feel better when we’re around other people. In a world of technology, an in-person connection can lift your entire mood. Ditch your phone and go for some actual face time! Human beings are social creatures and not just when it comes to social media. So, if you’re feeling down, tap into invite a friend over and see your mood brighten.

Take a selfie

Selfie haters, begone. Selfies may be a secret to what we all want- increased happiness! Although some may think that self-comparison and discouragement may do the exact opposite when posting these selfies, studies show that selfies improve overall confidence and make people more comfortable with themselves overtime. So, find that good lighting, get a good angle, pull out that phone, and snap a picture because that front-facing camera is important for your happiness!