A realtor has two jobs, sales and lead generation. Just as any other business owner, without leads and your ability to sell to those leads, you have a hobby, not a business. When growing a business, many realtors try to reach the masses and convert those cold leads into revenue. It isn’t impossible, but it takes a lot of time. For example, they say, for a buyer you meet at an open house, it takes 8-12 touch points until they start to trust you. Success is about building relationships, so its why any business and real estate agents should start with their sphere of influence. People who you already know will help get your business running and turn it into a referral machine. People think they are networking when they handout a business card and or shake the hand of
a new acquaintance. But true networking is all about getting people to know, like, and trust you. This is why people will buy from you. When running your business, you start with either a very small sphere of influence or a large sphere of influence. Nonetheless, the way you continue to build the relationships with the people you already know will define your success. They say the average person has a sphere of influence of about 250 people. When you add just one person to your network, you indirectly add 250 more people. In your sphere, these are people you see everyday or a few times a year count. Your dentist, the family doctor, the doorman to your building, school acquaintances, your spouses close friends, your children’s friends parents, etc, all are people to remember as important in your sphere of influence. Sit down and put a list together.

Network your business anywhere and everywhere. Don’t limit yourself to networking events, build relationships with people you see everyday by asking them about family, occupation, whatnthey like to do for fun, and about their dreams. When people genuinely feel you are trying to help them, they will start to trust you. In a world where people have never been more connected, you can build a community by using the people you already know quite easily if you just put yourself out there. And grow it to be huge. When you receive a referral, remember its not a guaranteed sale. Its a show of respect that someone trusts you and you are doing a great job. Every referral you receive wont turn into business, but nurture that person and build a relationship with them. Remember, for every person you meet, comes 250 other people indirectly. Growing a business on relationships is a foundation that will keep your business strong. The day of cold calling is dead, and it takes a very long time to get people to trust you. To build your brand and a reputation that comes with flying testimonials to your success, start with a sphere and grow it based on referrals. Basic lead generation isn’t bad, it just will take a lot longer while you grow a business that can exude
confidence and trust without you being there face to face