Month: January 2020

Diving Into Two Different Sides of Wealth Building.

True success is a process, not a destination. Identifying the direction you want your life to take and creating the goals you want to accomplish along the way to get there is an ongoing fleet. Before you begin your journey towards success, you must have a definition of what that means to you. In business, the way you plan is the way you succeed. There is no such thing as “get rich quick”, but you can “get rich. period”. How? Well there are 4 ways according to the new school of wealth builders. Get results fast and happy clients fast: Even if you have...

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The Real Estate Bird Dog

When inventory is low, you have one of two options for your buyer. You can have them wait out the dry period or you can go and find properties that are not listed yet. Often times, investors are drawn to areas where demand is high for rentals and those areas get short on inventory very quick. Beyond a rental cap, many times buildings start wait lists in order for the owners to be able to rent out their spaces. But you for sure don’t ever want to disappoint a buyer or leave them hanging, so most real estate agents do what they call...

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Investor Friendly Buildings

Real Estate is generally a great investment as it can generate ongoing passive income. Not all is created equal in real estate though when it comes to an investor. A new development being built down the street may look appealing, but it is completely useless in the eyes of an investor if it wont allow rentals. Which means no rental caps. For any real estate investor, a typically really good turn on investment is about 15% annually. It is about finding the options available to generate these returns is what keeps an investor interested. With ever changing laws, though...

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Exploring Business Growth

Before you take your next big idea to Shark Tank, you will want to weigh your options.  While the idea of having your company on TV being in the glitz and glamour of the “big stage”, Mark Cuban and Daymond John have both said, it is smart to wait as long as possible before you bring in an investor.  Don’t use credit cards or borrow money if you don’t have to; you want to bootstrap your business as long as you can and grow it organically.  Small businesses are a huge risk for small investors and venture capitalists.  If...

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Daily Dose of Horoscopes

Aries: 21 March – 19 April Today, life partner’s behaviour will not be good towards you. The confrontation between you both is possible on small matters. In such a situation, you are advised to stay calm. The workload in the office can bother you. You will feel quite annoyed. It would be better to avoid working more today because it will increase your stress and affect your health as well. Take some time out for yourself today and relax. There are likely to be some ideological differences with family members. If you work with a sensible mind, you can...

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