With Caroline Salette

Caroline Salette has bought, managed, grown, and sold multi-million-dollar businesses. Wouldn’t you love the opportunity to learn and be coached by someone who has walked the talk and crossed the finish line?  Caroline was barely 18 years old when she started in the field of real estate as a property manager of more than 500 units.  In 1992, at the age of 21, she joined the ranks of RE/MAX ROYAL (JORDAN) agency where she worked for 15 years as a real estate agent.  By the age of 30, she was earning over a million dollars yearly, selling over 225 homes yearly, and by the age of 34, she bought the agency where she was, which is the largest RE/MAX franchise in Quebec with six offices and over 250 real estate agents ranking it for 11 consecutive years the #1 agency in the Province of Quebec.

During her career, Caroline earned countless awards including the Hall of Fame, Lifetime Achievement and the High Distinction Awards through RE/MAX International. Betting on her own odds, Caroline successfully sold not only her real estate business, but also her agency and is now an international coach and global top speaker helping other businesses to thrive. She uses her own systems and techniques that she created for her own businesses to empower other business owners and real estate brokers. But how can her experience and success in real estate translate to other businesses?  Because systems, techniques, and mindsets apply to all businesses in the world. It is not all about the products or the services; it is about the challenges faced when being a business owner.

Saying that her success is the result of hard work would be an understatement! However, as you know, working hard is not by any means the only reason for success. The foundations of success, according to Caroline, are based on being in sync with your being, saying, and doing.  You have to be your true self, say what you are going to do, and do what you said you were going to do. Never compromising these foundations helped her evolve through what she calls the four stages of life that you can apply in all spheres, whether it be personal or professional. She calls them the 4S’s: 1) Struggle 2) Stability 3) Success, and finally 4) Significance. No matter what sphere in your life you are at, you are in one of these 4 stages…

Knowing that there is a void in real estate brokerage training between getting the leads and closing the deals, Caroline Salette created the training program – Survive or Succeed: It’s Up to You!”, transforming career-driven agents into business owners.  Using her Salette System, she teaches her knowledge and real estate techniques acquired during her career to be applied to any business. Caroline still has her love for real estate, but through her coaching business, she also discovered a new passion, which is helping entrepreneurs of all fields grow their business to their highest potential. Starting a business, and not just keeping it afloat but thriving and growing it, is as hard as you think it would be, but not impossible.  According to Forbes, “Out of all small businesses started in 2014, 80% made it to the second year (2015), 70% made it to the third year (2016), 62% made it to the fourth year (2017), and 56% made it to the fifth year (2018). A bit more than half of all startups actually survives their fourth year. As of then, the startup failure rate is about 44%.”  So, you have about a 50/50 shot at getting past your 4th year in business.

Now, whether or not you are able to consider yourself successful or get past that 5th year is another story…. It is said that every business goes through a four-phase life cycle: startup, growth, maturity, and renewal/rebirth or decline.  Understanding the phases and where your business stands can help you become successful and stay that way.


This is the most exciting time for business, but also where businesses fail the most.  You are brand new; there is a constant flow of new ideas and energy is high. You don’t have a lot of processes in place and are constantly changing your business model.  The few employees you have are probably doing multiple jobs all rolled into one because it’s all hands-on deck at this point. This also means limited cash, so your employees probably aren’t getting paid what they are worth, and you are definitely underpaying yourself, if at all.


Word of mouth cannot be understated.  You only have a few clients and you need them to help you promote your business model to other prospects.  As you start to see more traffic, you must keep your price increases modest.
Adapting and changing is important; however, if you change too significantly, you risk not growing or worst
slowing down your business’ traffic.  It’s a delicate balancing act that you will need help in figuring out. At this
point, you must start solidifying your team and finding ways to keep the momentum going.


Feeling more secure now, with a great team in place and your growth is steady.  You have others running day-to-
day operations, while you focus on big picture needs and deciding whether to expand and venture out.  This is
where businesses tend to be dependable and consistent, but you will need to start making changes to keep things
going and finding investors might become an alternative to expand market shares.


At this point, your business is profitable and sellable and you must decide if that is an option for you, considering that it is in its most valuable position.  However, if you notice a revenue decline or lack of growth for 2-3 consecutive quarters, then you need to start taking action by figuring out new ways to revamp your business.  You must be able to identify why and know when you are in the decline or you will never recover. This crucial stage is where you need to decide if you should cash out or re-invest.

Build Your Brand
Start building your business with how you want people to see it and make sure that when they think of your niche, they think of you instantly.  It is not only about building a social media following and developing your SEO, but also in doing things like investing in press releases about you and your business. Start booking radio shows to talk about your business and your community. Caroline Salette is recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Pinnacle Lifetime Member in the field of Real Estate
in recognition of her role as a Real Estate Agent, Broker, and Owner of RE/MAX ROYAL (JORDAN) INC. She has been published in many magazines such as REM (Canadian Real Estate Magazine), REMAX International “Success Stories book,” “Le Partenaire” local business stories, and various local newspapers.  She also appears frequently on Local and National television and radio shows as the competent authority when it comes to real estate.

Be Invested
It’s important to not only be invested in your clients and your business, but to also be invested in the industry and in the community in which you want your business to thrive.  Consequently, Caroline has not only sat on the board of directors for the Greater Montreal Real Estate Board for many years, and also for Partage-Action West Island Community Shares for over 10 years, helping raise over $1M yearly for 41 local community groups and projects.  She also sat during that same period on the board of directors for “la Foundation des Enfants de Vaudreuil- Soulanges” for over 10 years, helping raise money for underprivileged children in her community.

Better Yourself = Better Business
It’s time to see yourself as the entrepreneur you want to become through thoughts and behaviors that will get you closer to achieving your goals.  Work hard at bettering your company by bettering yourself. It can only grow as much as you do! Caroline Salette studied Economics and Politics from Université de Montréal. To further enhance her professional development, Salette is a distinguished fellow of several prominent organizations including RBQ/APCHQ (licensed residential/commercial/industrial builder), NAA as a licensed auctioneer, member of the Greater Real Estate Board of Montreal, and of the International Federation of Coaches.

Build a Solid Team
Rome wasn’t built in a day…. Or by only one person, so don’t pretend that you can do it on your own.  Learn from others and utilize their strengths to make your business stronger. To get to where she is today, Caroline Salette has surrounded herself with other experts in their fields who wanted to be a part of her success and built an amazing team in order to get the best end results for her clients.  Find other like-minded people that believe in what you are doing, learn to delegate, and share with others the rays of success.

Be Fearless & Authentic
Step out of your comfort zone in all aspects of your business.  Get advice and coaching from unexpected places. Try new ideas for products or services.  Try new marketing techniques.   She has always pushed the boundaries of the norm and doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.  She has established herself as one of the most renowned brokers and coaches in the field of real estate in Québec.  She is now taking her success story internationally to help other entrepreneurs build, grow, mature, and sell their startups for a profit just like she did.  Her love started with real estate, but her passion belongs to helping others discover their endless potential. So, if you had the opportunity to learn from a Canadian real estate broker who grew successful multimillion-dollar businesses, and then turned around and sold them for profits, wouldn’t you take it?  It doesn’t matter if you are in real estate, technology, insurance, health, or hospitality; business is business, and with her proven track record, it’s safe to say Caroline Salette knows business.