Everyone loves a good deal, and often sellers feel they can save more by selling their home on their own. But often their rose colored glasses end up costing them more money than what they thought they could save. Realtors can offer a vast network, negotiation skills, an unbiased opinion, and marketing exposure that most FSBO don’t have. When factors as these are
missing, the result is a home that doesn’t get the proper exposure and sits on the market for a very long time. Wasting both the owners time, energy, and money. Things that all could have been avoided.

When a person uses a realtor to list their home, the seller is responsible for a majority of the costs, including the commission to the buyer and seller agent. Since most areas do not recommend using dual agency, this is usually two separate costs the seller will pay at the closing. These costs can range anywhere between 3% to 8%, or sometimes higher, of the listing price of their home. Factors can be negotiated in, but to some sellers, they think they can avoid these costs by selling their home on their own. Even if the commission payout is 10k or higher, there are reasons why using an agent will save you much more than any payment you
would have to pay in commissions.

Despite the feeling of being in control of your listing, there are a range of emotions you will
experience while selling your home. An agent would be your gate keeper usually, but without
one, you will deal with it all on your own. You will hear the complaints, the criticisms, and the
downfalls about not only your home, but your lack of taste in decor. You may also think you
have a neutral stance when it comes to your home, but when an offer comes in below ask, you’ll
soon see how attached you really are. It’s going to be a challenge to price your home
impartially. A home that is priced outside of market value and doesn’t align with the comps in
the area will sit for a very long time, and may never sell at all.

When you put your home up for sale, it may be the first time you are selling anything, yet alone
your home. As much as you think you can sell your own home, most agents have a well tested
strategy to sell homes, sell them fast and for top dollar. They know the marketing to get the ads
running in magazines, newspapers, within the community, and amongst other brokers or their
sphere to get the word out about your home. Most agents use their own money to market your
home while it is for sale, the commission paid at the end is more of a reimbursement for what
they paid. They wont be guessing where to use the money to find the best return, they know
which outlets will produce the best results to get your home sold fast.

Beyond the correct legal forms and documents that need to be signed to sell a home, an agent
will also have the negotiation skills to get you the best offer, even if it starts off low. You wont
have to deal with any of the hassle. You wont have to worry that anything was missed, from
attorney review of the contracts, to the inspection, to the closing, all details are done by your
agent to keep the stress away from you. If the contracts are not filled out correctly, it can cost
you valuable time because it has to be resubmitted by all parties