Achieving your best self doesn’t require perfection, but it does require a conscious effort to improve throughout
your life.  Constantly learning from your mistakes, seeking advice from others, and building up your confidence are
some of the ongoing things you must continue to do.  Identify the things that matter most to you, work to be the
best at what those are, and you will succeed. You cannot be the best without knowing your target.  Some people
want to be great, but lack a consistent target for what they are looking to achieve. Everyone defines what matters
most differently, so remember to be true to yourself, and run your own race.  There are no shortcuts to greatness.
To others, someone may seem like an overnight success, but they don’t see the hours and years of hard work and
dedication that went into that success.

Anyone can be great and you don’t have to be born great.  The biggest obstacle people face is knowing what to do,
and simply not doing it.  To be the best, you must remove the obstacles. Obstacles can be both physical and
emotional.  The most prevalent hurdles are feeling afraid or not being confident in what you want. Too many
times, goals never get off the ground because they are too vague or ill-defined.  Knowledge works the best with
three essential elements: a belief in your ability, your passion and determination, and a consistent concentration
on those goals.

Confidence is the reasonable expectation that good things will happen.  It is the result of past successes. It gives
someone the push to work towards difficult goals, and the resilience to bounce back from failure and adversity.  It
is the one factor that keeps people on their path to becoming who they want to be. Take pride in the small
successes. Like a grain of sand, one may look insignificant, but added together, it can create a beautiful beach.
Each grain of sand counts.

Confidence starts to erode when people panic when bad things happen, when they neglect the fundamentals, and
when they deny the facts.  The way you react to that first loss is what determines if you become a winner or a
loser. Mistakes will happen, and you cannot prevent them all.  Understanding the “why” behind it all will help
avoid the same mistakes and wasted time later on. Continue to put resources into your pipe stream. To be a
winner, you must always work to be better.  Even when the times are good, you must continue to rebuild your
funnels. Understanding your success and knowing what is working right, allows you to build off of that, not to
slack off. When you hit a level of success, it isn’t a time to sit back; it’s a time to rebuild your foundation.  A solid
foundation will prepare you for the bad times, and they will come. Don’t take a moment of success to think the
hard work is now done. Most of the times, it’s all just beginning.

Get out of the losing streaks by becoming uncomfortable.  Become comfortable communicating, taking
accountability for yourself, and taking a look at your actions. When you make a mistake, it’s hard to talk about
what you did wrong.  But without confronting the problem and reaching out to others, you’ll never be able to
identify what went wrong. Without knowing the source of a problem, it will repeat itself.  Remember to not
isolate yourself. Focus on why you got started in the first place and reignite the engine.

Sometimes the challenges of being great are not even in your hands.  You may have the drive to fix and work on
what is broken, but the situation may be worse than it seems, or denial has hidden the root causes.  Change comes
with tough decisions, many times unpopular decisions. The road to success is very much like a roller coaster. Find
ways to pivot though the down times, and continue to work through the good times that are best for you without
jeopardizing  your confidence.

Being the best, means surrounding yourself with the best.  Garbage in, garbage stays. Who you surround yourself
with, are the ones who will be feeding your mind subconsciously, so pick wisely.  No one gets to the top on their
own; you will need to collaborate with people along the way. You will need to focus on not just how you can
become better, but how you can make those around you better as well. What ties people together are the goals
they set for themselves. Find people who are driven like you and can hold you accountable to your success.  High
standards require consistent feedback from yourself and those around you, so pick your team/friends wisely to
ensure you stay on track and keep the confidence you need to persevere.

There are two types of people in this world: those who fill you up when you are around them and those who make
you feel empty like a deflated balloon.  Be sure to surround yourself with those who fill you up. The ones who take
your energy, your happiness, your focus away do it because misery loves company.  They may not even know they
are doing it, so it’s your responsibility to identify those people and cut them out.

The downside to success; it is lonely at the top.  All the hard work, the countless hours, the focus to be the best
isn’t in everyone.  And the better you get, the more the masses fall away. In these times, it is then where you
remind yourself why you started.  What was it that you wanted to change in yourself or the world? Push through
those lonely times and connect with people who are moving up like you are.

Everyone has a piece of gold in them waiting to be discovered.  Not everyone works through the good and the bad
to uncover it. Also, no one will ever understand what is written in your heart; only you will.  So don’t let others
talk you out of your dreams. Don’t let the opinions of someone who can’t feel your soul, tell you that you can’t do
it. The road never ends; as long as you are breathing, you can be better.  Never give up, work through the
obstacles, work through the success, and do whatever it takes and you too will become your very best.