With Hunter Paschall

There are a number of key principles to know as a successful Investor.  Customers want to work with an investor
who has both deep smarts and street smarts, who really knows the market and where it’s headed, knows how to
negotiate, and knows how to manage a transaction.  Success isn’t just about winning when the market is good, but
also it is measured by how you do when the market is bad and how you maneuver your company to overcome the
obstacles. Hunter Paschall is known as America’s #1 Short-Sale Expert because when the market is up or down,
Hunter is a winner who is consistent and relentless about helping as many people as he can.  His secret to success
revolves around negotiation, education, building the brand, and his passion for helping people.

Over the years, Hunter has created an exceptional real estate team! Having negotiated over 3,500 short-sale deals,
Hunter has negotiated down over $150 million in debt with banks and lenders on behalf of the seller.  A short sale
is negotiating with a mortgage holder to accept less than what is owed as payment in full on a property. Some
investors, like Hunter, use the short-sale strategy to help distressed homeowners who owe the bank close to or
more than what the property is worth.  Effective negotiation is a conversation. It is a relationship that takes time
to build. As an investor, you are negotiating with the mortgage holder and with the homeowners. Study the other
side’s decision makers to understand their fears and desires, and the limits of what they will and will not do.
Before you walk up to the table, you must be clear about what your limits are. The homeowners and you need to
be clear on expectations, including expenses, timelines, and a clear understanding that if an agreement cannot be
made with the bank, they will still be in foreclosure.

“So how do we get the bank to say yes?  My team and I build a great case.” Think of it like an attorney defending a
case.  The better case you build, the better the chances you have to win. Remember, the bank wants the bad debt
off their books as well.  Any uncollected debt looks bad on them and hurts their reputation. You just have to get
your numbers right, and make the right case.  You show as much information to prove why the bank should accept
the low offer now instead of waiting months to creep through the foreclosure process to get the house much

Clients want to work with an investor and a team they feel they can trust, and that ties into the brand you create.
If starting a business is challenging, then creating a brand is more so. Branding is often confused with marketing,
advertising, or even logos.  But branding isn’t part of a marketing strategy. Your brand is the image of your
product or service in the minds of your customers. It is “all the feelings your possible audiences carry around
about you in their heads and in their hearts.”

Hunter isn’t just an investor, but also he is an educator. Hunter shares his knowledge by teaching and sharing it all
over the world. As an international public speaker, he isn’t just teaching the way of the land, but also he is creating
the way of the land. He supports people in the trenches working to change the laws and regulations about short
sales and the mortgage industry within his local government.  He educates other investors on these changes to
better the overall industry. Hunter isn’t in the game for himself; he is in the game to help everyone do better. He
knows that when others do well, it helps so many more people than he could have reached on his own.

Growing your brand is about growing your relationships.  Take the time to build relationships with the banking
industry.  When you get a short sale accepted, do something nice for the bank representatives.  Get involved like
Hunter has, teach people what you know so more people can be helped overall.  Continue to educate yourself, be
bold, and find strategies to help everyone involved fix the problems and the business as a whole.  Hunter has
found ways to create a brand for himself, a way to stand out. People all over know who he is, and he continues to
help people all over the world.  The key to successful short sales is to build a great case, great deal structures, and
a replicable business.

Hunter’s skills have saved thousands of homeowners from losing their homes, including his parents’ home of 20
years. He treats every case as if he is a Doctor of Real Estate. He gets all the symptoms and then he can come up
with a viable solution. Many people often say this business is much like a ministry.  Investors talk to homeowners
about a fresh start and offer sincere encouragement. Homeowners see many short-sale investors, like Hunter, as
angels because they offer a solution to a problem that most people never imagined they would encounter. No one
grows up intending to be in financial distress someday. Unlike the wave of foreclosures during the last recession, which essentially came from high-risk lending and lax underwriting, the new wave of foreclosures are being
created by divorces, deaths, natural disasters, 10/20-year arms coming due, and modification payment increases.
Your goal should be to become an expert by learning every single detail about how to do your work better and
better. Hunter has mastered this. Be like a mountain climber who climbs a peak and must go down into a valley
before climbing the next.  You will face ups and downs; the secret is to develop a long-term perspective and plan
for the tough times. Many of us don’t plan for the tough times until we need it.  They will come, so if you have
your plan in place, you can continue to thrive in the bad times without skipping a beat.

When you desire something so deeply that you won’t take no for an answer, you’re sure to succeed.  The people
who are most successful are those who are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.  Better yourself,
learn different negotiations tactics, get involved in your community, build lasting relationships, and grow your
brand.  Hunter is a great example of putting these skills to work, and the results do not lie. Try it and see how it’ll
do for you.