Armineh Keshishian, a financial planner whose journey started off in a predominately male industry, quickly
became a leader in her field due to her unique approach to wealth management. Her ability to connect with
individuals deeper than just surface level has afforded her a competitive advantage over others in her industry.
“I remember when I started in the late 80s, almost everyone I met, especially older clients, would entrust me with
investing their life savings in one meeting. Over time, I built on the relationships and increased my knowledge in
business, sharpened my entrepreneurial skills, became adaptive to change, and continuously learned new skills to
be competitive.  When you love your work, your passion, energy, enthusiasm, and integrity come naturally.”

Discovering that her passion didn’t just lie solely on helping others financially, but also helping people achieve true
happiness and prosperity, Armineh decided to shift her approach. Instead of being like every other financial
planner out there, Armineh decided to combine financial planning support with lifestyle and relationship support.
Introducing the New Wealth & Wellness Consultant

As a leading professional in both finance and relationships, one might consider the approach in which Armineh
helps her clients as unique.  Her clients describe her strong intuition, compassion, and professionalism as a key
asset in providing effective personalized service and peace of mind. Armineh’s clients aren’t just going to her with
hopes of growing their wealth, but also they are going to her with the confidence that she will help them enjoy
more financial security, peace of mind, and happiness – both in their relationships and life.

So what exactly led Armineh to use a more wholesome approach to advising?  After years of working with
established clients, Armineh recognized the true risk to one’s hard-earned money.
What risks your hard-earned money, even more than your investment choices, is the friction between family
members, but what’s an even bigger cause for concern is the friction within relationships.
Ryan Beach, a writer for Think Advisor notes, “Human beings’ emotional connection to personal finances can lead
to errors in cognition that are related to individual differences in motivation and personality, and ultimately result
in less reliable decision-making strategies.” This is why it’s important for advisors to make their clients feel
confident and assured when making these tough financial decisions, because when a couple or a family aren’t
seeing eye to eye, it makes the advisor’s job much more difficult.

Being a financial consultant to multimillionaires and high net-worth individuals, these arguments between couples
and families are occurrences Armineh has seen time and time again. Luckily for her, she’s well-equipped to handle
these situations. With three professional designations of Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Life Underwriter,
and Registered Retirement Consultant, plus 30 years’ experience, she does her best to assist her 1,000+ clients in
achieving not only a synchronized plan for their finances, but also for their life.

“One thing I thoroughly enjoy, even more than speaking on global stages as far away as Dubai, is skillfully helping
my clients navigate their relationships and simultaneously advise them on their finances.
Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to meet wonderful clients who would share with me not only
their financial concerns, but also intimate details about their personal lives and family dynamics.”

But Is There a Fine Line with Advisor-Client Relationships?

While Armineh continues to successfully support people in building healthy financial livelihood, it’s crucial that
advisors know the line when building these relationships.

An excerpt from Working with the Emotional Investor: Financial Psychology for Wealth Managers by Chris White
and Richard Koonce explains, “The relationships we have with our clients typically are not symmetrical, which
simply adds to the challenge. While we're there to provide financial assistance to people who need it, our clients

often are wrestling with a variety of emotional and psychological needs that come to the surface in moments of
emotional vulnerability and life transition. Sometimes clients become overly dependent on us emotionally.
Sometimes too, advisors get too close to their clients. They stress the importance of setting and maintaining
boundaries for not only the sake of advisors’ career, but also for the welfare of the client.  When you are
counseling others about personal and private topics, such as wealth and estate planning, and when either the
client or counselor is emotionally vulnerable or immature in judgment, it can be a recipe for catastrophe.”

Armineh’s not your average advisor offering financial planning alone. She goes the extra mile providing her clients
complete lifestyle support. Could it be that her sensory abilities and extreme intuition have been the real game-
changers in her career that has allowed her to become so successful? It very well could. And while advisors may
face client relationship challenges at some points in their careers, Armineh respects her clients and they respect
her. Sure, her strategy may be a bit different than others in her industry, but she’s clearly doing something right.
To Armineh, Wealth and Wellness are critical elements to enjoying peace of mind and happiness in relationships
and life, and it shows in her work.

An Entrepreneur to the Arts

In her parallel life to the world of finance, Armineh is also the founder of Evolution Dance Theatre, a dance theatre
with the mandate to entertain, educate, and inspire. “We are committed to producing unique, one-of-a-kind
performances which are visceral, visually captivating, and have broad universal appeal. We use dance as a canvas
to create a spectacle that incorporates music, performance, video, special effects, and other dance genres to
create an impactful storytelling experience while celebrating diversity.”

Armineh’s work is influenced by the context of her upbringing, as she was born Christian and raised in a Muslim
country, giving her the unique insight into two completely different worlds. “The stories we tell are influenced by
the fact that my mother was an independent woman who encouraged me to have higher education and be
financially independent, and yet she herself was a woman of tradition. Because I did not want to follow the
traditional rules and regulations as a socially obliging Middle Eastern girl, I went on to find my path as an artist and
as a woman who can express herself. I tell Middle Eastern stories that have universal appeal while aiming to bring
people and cultures together by focusing on our commonalities vs. our differences.”

Armineh is truly a free spirit who strives to live an authentic life that inspires others to follow their dreams.
Combing her financial background and artistic paths into a successful career are testaments to her dedication.
She’s fully committed to herself, her clients, and her audience. And with her experiences and knowledge in both
the business and artistic arenas, she’s on a path of further enhancing the quality of the messages and of the work
she puts out.

Armineh Keshishian is the embodiment of “business and the arts,” a rare combination.