Month: November 2019

Retire with Your Dream Home

The average person will move 8-12 times in their life. Amongst all the wonderful milestones in life from graduating college, getting married, having kids, changing jobs, the kids leaving the nest, often the last move many people make is when they are entering their retirement years. Whether it be a waterfront property or a luxurious mountain view, you want to find a place that is both cost savvy and offers a comfortable way to live. Your favorite vacation spot may not have the best living conditions. Factors that go into a place for retirement include location, costs based on...

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Is Your Financial Forecast a Heat Wave or an Ice Storm?

Managers who fail to become financially savvy not only self-sabotage themselves, but their business too.  No matter which department you serve in your company – sales, marketing, IT, customer service – and regardless of your seniority, you are responsible for your company’s profitability.  There are expectations every company must have. A company’s finance department reports progress through the earnings statement, a balance sheet, and a cashflow statement. The earnings statement compares revenue with the costs required to make sales.  The balance sheet includes assets, what a company owns, and liabilities, what a company owes. Cashflow statements are often overlooked,...

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Champions Are Not Born; They Are Made

Achieving your best self doesn’t require perfection, but it does require a conscious effort to improve throughout your life.  Constantly learning from your mistakes, seeking advice from others, and building up your confidence are some of the ongoing things you must continue to do.  Identify the things that matter most to you, work to be the best at what those are, and you will succeed. You cannot be the best without knowing your target.  Some people want to be great, but lack a consistent target for what they are looking to achieve. Everyone defines what matters most differently, so...

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The Secrets Behind America’s #1 Short-Sale Expert

With Hunter Paschall There are a number of key principles to know as a successful Investor.  Customers want to work with an investor who has both deep smarts and street smarts, who really knows the market and where it’s headed, knows how to negotiate, and knows how to manage a transaction.  Success isn’t just about winning when the market is good, but also it is measured by how you do when the market is bad and how you maneuver your company to overcome the obstacles. Hunter Paschall is known as America’s #1 Short-Sale Expert because when the market is...

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Shifting The Approach To Wealth Management

Armineh Keshishian, a financial planner whose journey started off in a predominately male industry, quickly became a leader in her field due to her unique approach to wealth management. Her ability to connect with individuals deeper than just surface level has afforded her a competitive advantage over others in her industry. “I remember when I started in the late 80s, almost everyone I met, especially older clients, would entrust me with investing their life savings in one meeting. Over time, I built on the relationships and increased my knowledge in business, sharpened my entrepreneurial skills, became adaptive to change, and continuously learned new skills to be competitive.  When you love your work, your passion, energy, enthusiasm, and integrity come naturally.” Discovering that her passion didn’t just lie solely on helping others financially, but also helping people achieve true happiness and prosperity, Armineh decided to shift her approach. Instead of being like every other financial planner out there, Armineh decided to combine financial planning support with lifestyle and relationship support. Introducing the New Wealth & Wellness Consultant As a leading professional in both finance and relationships, one might consider the approach in which Armineh helps her clients as unique.  Her clients describe her strong intuition, compassion, and professionalism as a key asset in providing effective personalized service and peace of mind. Armineh’s clients aren’t just going to her with hopes of...

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