Month: October 2019

Your Goals And Health

Written by Huni Hunjford   Is your health worth more than your success? Think about that for a minute. Many of us take that path of doing whatever it takes to succeed. Many of us don’t understand the difference between doing whatever it takes and doing whatever it takes without jeopardizing our health. The more I explore the world and learn new things and processes, the more I see that I am unique when it comes to my health and success. My journey started in 2012, when I started to learn for real, after finishing my masters in business. That...

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The Luxury Real Estate Market has a New Vision

The world is taking notice of the luxury market, and it isn’t the vision we were once used to. With a new generation of tech money, people are looking to put their money elsewhere than in home ownership. Homes still remain an important symbol of success, its just that buyers are rethinking how and were to put their investment. Within the US, many cities are seeing tax law changes and the once booming foreign market is taking notice. In the last year, foreigners were not as as active in buying real estate in the US. When researching why, both...

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