There are a few key items that should be on your desk at all times, whether you are a 9-5 employee or the CEO of a huge corporation. These items will not only improve your wok output but will also get you through the day in the most organized, simple and healthiest way.

A small book
: as a human race, we are forgetful because there is always something going on. Some people are more forgetful than others, but chances are, sometime during the day or week – you will forget something important. As a business owner or employee, we all have certain tasks that we need to complete, and writing everything down will help you remember and dominate all tasks. Start a new page every day; throughout the day, write down everything you have to do, things you would like to get done but not crucial and when new tasks pop up, always ensure to make a note so nothing can slip past you. This will not only make you more productive, but irreplaceable! Depending on your own personal preference, you could add in a motivational quote to keep you going through the day, something romantic or funny a loved one said that morning to keep you uplifted during the day, or a religious quote to keep you at peace. 



Water: as cliché as it sounds, water is a life saver. It really is; our bodies need and crave water. Not only does water kee p you hydrated, but it is good for your mind and brain power. Dehydration can literally kill you. Always ensure you have water on your desk and are cons tantly sipping throughout the day. I know we get busy and forget to drink or we don’t have time to grab any, but make time. Make drinking water become a part of your life, just like brushing your teeth.


Scented candle or air freshener:
most men will crunch their face when reading “scented candle” but honestly, it’s great! A good smelling working environment will change your life. Our bodies react to smell more than we think, so keeping a good smell near you is important to be as efficient as possible.




Calendar: having a calendar on your desk will allow you to always be aware of your upcoming meetings and appointments. This is more of an old school way because most of us use our cellphones for everything, but technology is not always reliable. Your phone could die or have a glitch and not switch on for the entire day, but a good old pen and paper will never let you down! With a desk calendar, it’s always in your face, can you will never let anyone down or be late for a meeting again!