With Leonard Collins

Innovation grows increasingly more important as our society is being reshaped into a knowledge-based economy. However, many people misunderstand what innovation requires. Innovation’s purpose is delivering new value to customers.  A type of value only a true expert would be able to create because they have seen, to the fullest extent, what is available and envision what the customer truly wants.  The real estate game has changed forever because of a certain visionary who has taken the meaning of “innovator” to a whole different level. Leonard Collins is a respected serial entrepreneur who has been awarded as a real estate leader in his field for the last 15 years.  As a serial entrepreneur, Leonard is always asking “what’s next” in how to make the field better for both clients and investors. He has taken what he knows with real estate investing and has partnered with some of the best to develop an application that both investors/agents can use to generate and retain clients.  It has really increased the value of the game and has added yet another title to Leonard’s name beyond being an investor, coach, entrepreneur, franchise developer, and speaker. Leonard is also known as an “Elite App Developer.”

Successful leaders hold countless ideas in their minds simultaneously.  To benefit from thinking large, they must focus on what drives their business.  Starting in real estate, Leonard aimed, from the very beginning, to be the best. To be the best, you must think clearly about what your business hopes to achieve and be willing to adapt. You must know what you don’t know. You must always create a voice in your head that tells you to believe that you can do extraordinary things, no matter what. After achieving success in real estate as an investor, Leonard decided to expand out to help others in the field.  He started to coach others on how to buy and sell real estate and how to understand the simple concept of demand and supply. He carved a niche for himself that broke down how to review listings, create the right property searches, understand a proper home evaluation, offer relocation support, and provide rental assistance.  In his coaching, Leonard stresses the clear financial advantages of owning a home, building equity, understanding a tax deduction, and having payment stability. As any leader, Leonard understands you may never underestimate the value of honest and open communication and radical transparency with your clients. The value is immeasurable.  When you learn what makes you unique, stay true to your authentic self and adapt to make it better.  Nothing and no one can change your fundamental identify, thus no one can truly beat you. Many people feel that once they reach a certain level of performance, they can stop getting better.  That’s a self-imposed barrier that Leonard doesn’t allow. There are no limitations to greatness. We are living longer, which means we are staying younger longer. You can always start a new dream or build a new project.  Motivation, the foundation of meaning,
depends on following the right “whys.” The meaning of doing something depends on your reasons for selecting it.


Tied into his ideals of being the best, Leonard saw an opportunity and took it.  Being within the real estate world, he saw a need for innovations that could help app investors and agents better manage their clients. The old way just wasn’t efficient, and true to Leonard, he said, “There must be a better way.” Then he started researching applications and development, hired some of the best development teams, and created the app he envisioned.   In his research, Leonard came to the conclusion that any business that wants to be successful must have an app.

No offense to app developers, but they are not the most marketing savvy bunch. Most businesses don’t even
know the benefits of having an app.  Building a well-designed app is step one; marketing it is step two. The app world is not a fad; it is an absolute necessity for a business today.  Apps can enhance your psychological
development if they solve small problems, free you to explore new paths, form deeper relationships, and create a unique and meaningful identify.  Apps offer countless new avenues for artistic expression. They aid the creation of video, photography, and literature. When you use an app in an enabling way, it can have a freeing effect, stimulating you to experiment, innovate, and depart from the expected route.  It allows you to differentiate yourself and be seen different than your competition. Leonard took his education about apps and created a user-friendly app geared towards increasing and retaining customers and making a custom-building process more pleasurable and beneficial for each client and developer.  It has allowed him to stand out more than ever.

However, the downside to creating an app is that it can be extremely expensive.  When made right, an app can start as little as $25,000 and go as high as $150,000, if not higher.  Majority of those costs are the technology and hiring your app developer to create and manage the app.  Leonard took it upon himself to become a developer. He hired some of the best in his team, but he learned the ins and outs of app development to become an Elite App Developer.  The sky is truly endless for Leonard. With his extensive knowledge in real estate and app development, there may be some great things yet to come from him and how he plans to innovate the real estate space. What makes Leonard unstoppable is his ability to see his business and personal failures as opportunities.  His confidence in himself allows him to start to do something before he knows exactly how to do it. His “why” is what motivates him and keeps him aligned.  He knows the value he wants to bring to the world, and he is just getting started. From speaking and coaching all over the world, he is showing people how they too can be their best.  The people who are truly unstoppable, like Leonard, are the ones who can bridge the gap between their conscious and subconscious minds. They live the life they see in their dreams because they never give up, and they work every day to be better than they were yesterday.  Leonard is just getting started. Like him, the clients he teaches all over the world are working to become an expert, to create a niche, and then create something so great that it changes the world.