Incurable Disease Diagnosis Creates an Entrepreneur Dynamo!

After a shocking medical diagnosis at the tender age of 18 years, which forever changed the course of his
life, Stephan Weigelt realized that he would have to have a clear-cut plan of action for his life and career.
Now knowing that the average lifespan of people suffering from the same disease is only 54 years and life-saving organ donor surgery would be necessary, Stephan was determined to create a legacy and happy life for himself.  A life of abundance, significance, and most importantly, having fun whilst doing so. His life goals and plan of action became abundantly clear, so he began an interesting, diverse, and highly successful entrepreneurial journey.

From this point onwards, it was totally clear as to what was important in his life – Stephan wanted a family and to spend as much time as possible with his children.  He wanted to earn as much as possible, to be able to provide for his family and his children’s education, but he did not want to achieve success by slaving an 80-hour workweek, but rather through his position and creative business interests and abilities.  Therefore, he began his life plan – to be highly successful only working a maximum of 24 hours per week. A tall order, many said, but Stephan was determined to make it work and achieve his goal.

Initially, Stephan worked primarily as a one-on-one business strategist and tax consultant to well over 1,400 companies in his home country of Germany.  Today, his business operates internationally and provides “business breakthrough” coaching to his students from all around the world, providing not only online services and support, but also onsite coaching and mentoring at his clients’ and students’ preferred location.  He emphasizes and concentrates on the setting up of processes and systems enabling his clients and students to run their businesses automatically. The goal is to be able to remove oneself from the daily running of the business and have that business run smoothly and efficiently, thereby creating a highly effective company.

A lot of business owners – especially small and medium-sized business owners – are well prepared for their job, but have never learned the required business skills like marketing, sales, accounting, or leadership. So it comes to the point where they often feel overwhelmed by their business.  They work more than 60 hours per week and 20% of them have not had even so much as one day off in the last five years. As a business owner since the age of 15 years, serial entrepreneur, financial expert, and tax consultant, Stephan Weigelt knows how to restructure a business and what mindset is required.  He has helped more than 1,400 clients to launch and build their business and to increase their profits by focusing on the correct aspects. As a professional speaker, author, consultant and coach, his strategies have changed the lives of thousands of business owners.

More than 40,000 people have attended his lectures in the last three years.

These are some of the topics which Stephan has shared with audiences across the world:

1. Attention Business World – Why your customer is not the king – Why you should treat your customer like a
2. Don‘t be a leaf blower – be the wood chipper – Don’t keep you and your employees busy with looking busy.
3. How to never feel bogged down in your business again – How to be more efficient with more fun and gain work-
life balance.
4. How to have only amazing customers – How you can attract the customers that you want.
5. How to be happy with your business – How to earn more, have more free time, and do the things you like to do!
6. “Amazeland” – How to transform your business into the most amazing company on earth – How you can build a
company that attracts more clients and employees.
7. Re-own your business! – Five steps to be happy with your business again.

8. What will happen to your business in case you have a bad accident? – How you can set up your business in a way that it can run without you and still make a lot of money.
9. FIVE German business secrets that American business owners need to learn – Most important learnings from a
different business culture.
10. How to save 60% of your time – Learn to be more efficient.
11. FIVE fields to prepare your business to be phenomenally successful in the next ten years – How to set up or reorganize your business that you have a massive income.
12. TEN most stupid things business owners do!  – Little things that cost you a lot of money and kill your profits.
13. FIVE biggest things that could kill your business – Things you have to avoid to not kill your business.

Stephan believes that his diverse set of skills and expertise is what has fuelled his passion for a more efficient and streamlined business, and importantly, having a business that is also fun whilst at the same time being a successful entrepreneur.  When Stephan was a youngster, he fell in love with music after receiving a keyboard for his 8th birthday.   This was the beginning of his first business, establishing a musical career playing at weddings, local town festivals, and concerts.  Then fast-forward to ten years later, he and a friend founded a sound and lighting business, and all this before he turned 18 years old and the dreaded medical diagnosis.  But this did not dampen his ambitions and now, more than ever, he was determined to succeed, and he did succeed! His first business, run only as sideline, became a $1,000,000 company.

In 2008, he then worked as a lecturer at the University of Bonn, and a year later established his first tax office, which within the first 12 months became hugely successful. He also provided business coaching and accounting for international clients and opened his second tax office in 2010. On top of that, he became Germany’s best-paid lecturer for other tax consultants.

Starting in 2012, he decided to create his strategies on “How to run your business in less than 25 hours per week and make it more profitable” and make it available to other companies by launching a coaching and training business. Within this business, Stephan focuses on practical experience rather than on simply sharing theoretical advice on how to restructure your company. His keynotes are inspiring and motivational combined with straightforward and practical advice on how to put ideas into practice to get results quickly.

Stephan has shared these talks to multiple audiences in Germany, America, and South Africa on topics like business, leadership, responsibility, marketing, and life vision.

That same year, Stephan also wrote his first book – Business Strategies for Tax-Consultants. One year later, he was invited to give a speech to share his expertise at Germany’s largest strategy-conference and it was this speech that paved the way and opened countless doors to big stages in Europe, USA, and Africa.
He also was on the Top-Ten-Speaker list from one of Germany’s largest bank.

Over the years, Stephan, now known as the authority in his field, has written many articles about strategy,
transformation, vision, business development, leadership, and life goals, which have been published in countless

Media Credentials:
• National radio shows
• Regional network television
• Numerous articles and publications
• Award-winning public speaker

• Bestselling author (Book: 93 Ideas that Change You and the World [only available in German])
Stephan’s most popular presentations:

• Have a vision! What is my life like and how should my company fit in with that?
• Kick ass and go! Give yourself the kick and get started in your new business
• You do not want a million! All the things you can achieve with the right goals
• The Störtebeker principle build-up companies that can run on their own