Financial health and security are among the highest priorities people have in life, which is why understanding the psychology of investing is so critical.  Everyone dreams of financial ease. It turns out that living with ease takes a great deal of work, discipline, and planning. It is important to find a company that will guide you and help answer the important questions you may not know how to ask.  In the 21st century, the most successful advisors are those who have a high level of expertise in comprehensive planning that translates to solving their clients’ investment needs and helping them achieve their financial objectives.

Tony and Angela Chiu, the founders and owners of Success Options, created the business for this exact reason.  It is their passion to help people create and build the financial wealth of their dreams. They have inspired countless clients to become more determined to take the lead in building their own retirement, getting educated, choosing qualified financial coaches, and becoming financially independent.  They help their clients understand how to hedge risk and use leverage to protect an investment, rather than to speculate on it.

Being in the business, Tony and Angela understand what it is that their clients need.  The product that a financial company is selling investors is “trust”, it isn’t a degree.  For example, some 40% of Americans have financial advisors, and the percentage is twice as many for those who have assets of $5 million or more.  Yet 60% of people say they distrust their financial advisors. Tony and Angela have helped people all over the world because of the trusted experience they offer their clients. What some advisers can think about, people trust their lawyers and accountants for advice on investment professionals, so it makes sense for their coaches and advisors to cultivate contacts with attorneys, bookkeepers, and investment bankers who cater to the investors and become their resource for financial information they can use in their own practices. Then they leverage these relationships for a steady stream of referrals.

Product knowledge and financial acumen are not enough to be the best in advising clients on their financial health.  You also need emotional intelligence. When the market takes a turn or there is speculation and your clients are in a panic, it is your job to stay motivated when the times are tough, embody resilience, and recover quickly from setbacks and downturns.  Staying energized and positive keeps your clients calm and strengthen your relationships with them.

Unlike most goods and services, asset management has virtually no guaranteed outcome and is completely intangible.  Tony and Angela act as their clients’ “quarterback” to incorporate and direct all aspects of their economic lives. They provide their clients with the education to provide estate planning, asset protection, liability management, banking, and tax services to complement their investment strategies.  

Managing wealth effectively requires that you take charge of the process early.  Making money demands effort, whether working for a salary or investing. Unfortunately, anything to do with money is a matter of difficult choices.  Tony and Angela take the worry away by not only offering guidance, but also they coach their clients to succeed. The saying goes, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.  Investments are supposed to be made for the long term. Which means when advisors have a client, it is about building a relationship not for a season, but for a lifetime. When clients work with Tony and Angela, they don’t only get advice, but also the education to make informed decisions on their own regarding their financial security.  It becomes a partnership, a trusted advisor, who they can grow with.

Ask any investor and they all will say one must assess, realistically and honestly, how well they tolerate risk.  The amount of risk you take is one of the few aspects of investing that you can control. Risk doesn’t have to control you; the goal is to control risk.  When approaching an investment decision, be realistic about what the market can give you in exchange for the risk you take. Tony and Angela help their clients to balance their risk tolerance against the returns they expect.  It is about finding a place that feels right. Others’ success in the market may tempt you to take more risk than you normally would, trust your gut. No one knows when the market will take a turn, hence many say it’s a bigger risk not to be in the market than the risk of being invested.  

At Success Options, failure is not an option.  Tony and Angela do not leave anyone behind.  They are committed to their clients’ success.  They don’t only offer guidance from their many years of experience, but also offer their clients education to make their own decisions and rationale of the market.  Their passion is to make financial education simpler, easier to understand, and truly life-changing. They strive to bring financial independence to millions of people, freeing them from a live of servitude.  

Financial insecurity is one of the main sources of anxiety in life.  People dream of having peace of mind knowing they can meet their needs and supply some comforts for themselves without worrying about a sudden recession or financial demand.  When you are educated on how to build your financial health and security, the fear of uncertainty won’t govern you, and the turbulent economy won’t fluster you. People are looking for the insights, tools, skills, expertise, and specific strategies to empower them to achieve more.  Tony and Angela are their answer. The saying goes, “The single biggest threat to your financial well-being is your own brain”. Just like a team in football cannot win without their trusted quarterback, no one can win at life without the trust and guidance of their financial advisor.  As Tony and Angela say, “The first step is to take action. Decide to take control of your own finances and not be dependent on others”. The dream of financial independence is waiting for you to decide.