It’s no secret people love to save money. But the time and effort put into searching for online promo codes or coupons is just not worth it. You can spend minutes if not hours browsing the web to test coupon code after coupon code, sometimes with no success.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Say hello to couponing apps. They have the ability to upload, clip and scan coupons right on your mobile device, saving you tons of time, and of course, money!

However, you have to do your research. There are tons of apps out there that promise to save you money, but don’t. Luckily for you, we’ve complied the best shopping money-saving apps in one list so you can be on your way to financial prudence!

Grocery iQ

If you’re an impulse shopper, Grocery iQ is the app for you. This part grocery list, part coupon match-up app creates and saves lists based on what you typically already buy. You can create custom grocery lists and then search for coupons based on the items on your list. A cool feature is the ability to sync lists with your partner or spouse and add items to your list via voice.

In addition to saving tons of money, you can also add loyalty card details to your app so that when you’re scanning the coupons, you’ll also rack up points.

Snip Snap

Essentially a virtual binder for all your coupons, search your favorite stores and retailers for coupons through the app and then download them directly. Snip Snap will sort your coupons by retailers automatically, and when it comes time to check out, simply scan the app to save you money. An added feature, the “near me” option can find you coupons based on your current location, so while you’re waiting in line to check out, just pull up the app for an unexpected discount. This way, you’ll never miss out on a deal.  


While not a coupon-based app, CardStar focuses on customer loyalty cards. Most people have at least a handful of loyalty cards to their favorite and most shopped at stores, but it’s easy to lose track of or lose the card completely. That’s where CardStar comes in. Simply scan each of your loyalty cards into the app, and then when you’re at checkout, have the cashier scan your phone rather than the card.

Not only can the app store the cards itself, but also it can provide you with information about each card, like the phone number associated with the card, and will inform you of any special offers your loyalty card is running.

Coupon Sherpa

This money-saving app is a little bit different than the others. There are tons of apps out there that center around mall-type retailers with its coupons applying to entire purchases; however, with Coupon Sherpa, this app will save you tons on groceries. This app will actually search for and store product-specific coupons in addition to those for entire stores and online retailers. The app will also allow you to save specific stores within the app and then alerts you when new coupons are available for redemption.


Unlike the traditional user-driven money-saving apps, Yowza gives retailers the control. They can upload coupons and offers directly to the app for users to then use. Search functionality is still there with the ability to find coupons based on retailer and location, so you can still save majorly.

And, if your favorite stores are outside your area, you can still search for them. Yowza has a library of over 70,000 retailers, so some of your favorite stores are bound to show up. You can save the coupons to your account for future use as well.


Not so much a coupon app, but still a money-saving app nonetheless, Checkout51 allows you to scan pictures of your receipts after purchase and get cash back for those purchases. You save money without even needing coupons. It really doesn’t get any easier than that. And once you reach a $20 balance on your account, you can choose to keep saving or request a check be sent for the total.


ShopKick is both a rewards and deals app in one. Using your location services, the app knows when you walk into a specific store which can give you points without even buying something. And, since it knows which stores you walk in to, it will alert you upon entrance of different coupons and savings available to that specific retailer. So with this app, you don’t even need to think. It does all the work for you. And since it’s a rewards app as well as deals app, you can rack up points on all your purchases and then exchange those points for gift cards. The only downside to this app is that it must be running at all times, which means it can easily and quickly drain your battery. But, if you know you’re headed to the mall, just turn the app on during your shopping trip and let it do its thing!