Women-run businesses are growing faster now than other businesses in size and profit.  It is Women’s intense motivation and methods that boost their business’ chance of success.  While most women start businesses for themselves, many end up working hard for their employees and their customers.  They want to help them succeed both at work and in life.

Serial entrepreneur Aurelie Becat is on a mission to do just that.  With her company, Incubator Studio, she is changing the lives of her clients and their businesses by helping them to position and brand themselves with her full-service go-to-market agency.  “I believe that no business can sell better or more, unless it has strong positioning”. With 13 years of sales, marketing, and business coaching experience, Aurelie tailors her business around small to medium size companies, helping them advance in both profits and growth.  She proves that just because a company is small, doesn’t mean it cannot act on fulfilling its big ambitions.

Some may call it luck, but it isn’t. Women are tuned into their customers’ needs, which often enables them to identify and satisfy those needs.  They see opportunities, take advantage of them, and are very often creating niche markets. The female brain is predominantly hard-wired for empathy and it’s easy for them to keep every client on a radar and what they need.     

The best entrepreneurs focus on an area where they feel strong and where there appears to be a market need. In alignment with her other business, Aurelie saw an opportunity to help women achieve balance in their life, in a natural way.  She created Luuxcare to enable women to achieve greater balance and inner strength in seasons of change. The business is built around the use of LED Light Therapy in combination with an assortment of organic skin care products. Both LED Light Therapy and her organic products are distributed to professionals working in the beauty, health care, fitness, medical practices, and individuals for home use.  

Today’s demanding customers mean that entrepreneurs must work harder than ever to find their niches and discover untapped markets.  They do not take their customers for granted, niche businesses work to improve their processes and products constantly. One way to do so, is to take a page from Aurelie and distribute your product(s) out to a variety of retailers.  

In any business, the way you handle distribution is crucial.  Your distribution channels can dictate your profitability since about 50% of any product’s price represents the costs of moving it to the consumer.  Clearing a path to market through the right conduits can make the difference between your company’s success and failure. The win for any business is to find the right distribution channel for your business. 

If your company is a supplier, your business proposition to distributors should demonstrate that they will gain unique advantages if they handle your goods.  The upside is that most distributors expect to sustain long-term relationships with their suppliers. To help your “retailers” overcome any marketing challenges, the suppliers can offer some guidance.  Share your knowledge with international markets, share client data with retailers to help them target new marketing opportunities, and help them create new competitive skills and perspectives about the product. Suppliers should assess their own strategic plans so they can align themselves with the retailers that best help with their own goals.  

Like Aurelie, serial entrepreneurs know how to juggle many projects and execute them in an efficient manner.  It isn’t about running a business, it’s about running a vision. In alignment with Incubator Studio and Luuxcare, Aurelie set up a NGO to help entrepreneurs in countries where less support, knowledge, and business coaching skills are available.  The mission behind this is to help them succeed, so in the end, it is their community that will succeed.

When creating a vision, what research tells us is an interesting story.  Men and women have similar skills; it is the motivation behind those skills that causes the differences.  Men tend to focus on a specific task or area, while women focus on a broader spectrum. The concentration males bring to a subject supports their tendencies toward rigorous analysis.  Women are found to have wider observational skills that support their ability to find connections and understand context. The primary driver for women is the desire to do work that matters, work that contributes to society.  

Like for Aurelie, her vision revolves around 3 different businesses.  Each runs its own ship, but they all are connected to feed off of each other.  Each feeds a need that makes up her entire vision, her vision for change. Every business must know what their vision is and how it will be executed.  To bring meaning to your vision, as Aurelie has, you must determine what you fundamentally stand for, what you care deeply about, and what most ignites passion in you.  Aurelie has been executing a vision of helping people all her life. From creating handmade leather sandals and school uniforms, to running a networking club, it has led her to running the empire she has created today.  

We all have gifts to change the world.  When we know how to align those gifts towards a vision that is properly executed, there are no limitations to what we can do.  “Let your dream devour your life, so that life does not devour your dream”. This is a quote that Aurelie believes in and motivates her to be her best.  Statistics can tell us where our strengths and weaknesses lie; it is up to us to listen and do whatever it takes to succeed. How can you help more people?  How can you better your business to help it grow? Are you doing all you can? Entrepreneurs like Aurelie find answers to these questions every day and that is what makes them a success.  Use your talents and your passion to change the world. Success doesn’t cause happiness, happiness causes success.