The end of March marks the beginning of a new season, or at least that’s what the calendar tells us. For many of us, March just means another day of cold without a noticeable change in temperature. For others, it might just be the start of the cold weather season. Wherever you stand on the scale, there’s a place out there just waiting for you to visit. Plus, if you’re looking to score better travel deals and fewer crowds, March might just be the perfect time to plan your next vacation.

Here are some places we think you might find worth visiting:

Dublin, Ireland

While Dublin is a fun place to visit all year round, it can be especially an occasion if you decide to head there in March. If you’re looking for a place to party during St. Patrick’s Day, Dublin offers five days of events, parties, and parades. One destination you might consider is Guinness Storehouse – a place where you can learn how to pour a pint of beer the proper way while taking in the sites of the city from its Gravity Bar. For nightlight, consider The Temple Bar area, or for a more laid-back time, check out St. Stephen’s Green. And don’t forget about the rest of Ireland. There’s much to see besides the city…if you have time!


Adelaide, Australia

If you’re living in the northern hemisphere and want to escape the cold, consider Australia for a March getaway. With warmer temperatures and sunny skies, there’s much to do and see during your stay. It’s got just about everything; a vibrant bar and nightlife scene, cool museums, great shopping, and awesome restaurants. And of course, if you go to Australia, you certainly should make time to see the Kangaroos. Head to Kangaroo Island for some scenic hiking trails and the ability to see some of Australia’s most unique wildlife.


San Luis Obispo, California

Centrally located between the coasts of Los Angeles and San Francisco, San Luis Obispo is one of California’s oldest communities that are rich in history and full of quaint streets to explore. It’s a smaller town with lots of specialty shops, fun boutiques, great dining, and of course, wine. Although not as prestigious as the northern wine areas, the central coast wineries offer pretty terrific wines as well. Take a drive down the Orcutt Road and Corbett Canyon to take in the rolling hills with vineyards upon vineyards. Also, during the month of March, the San Luis International Film Festival takes place for 6 days with both classic and independent films, lots of parties and award celebrations.

Munich, Germany

If you missed out on Oktoberfest last year, you’re in luck! At the beginning of March every year, Munich holds their annual Starkbierfest, which is sort of like Oktoberfest but with more serious brews. “Starbier” literally means “strong beer” in English and was actually traditionally brewed as a sort of “liquid food” for monks who fasted for lent. Since the beer is so heavy, it helped them stay somewhat content without counting as real good. For the whole month of March, Starkbierfest is celebrated across the largest breweries in Munich where locals come to hang, drink some beer, listen to music, and eat lots of foods. If you’re looking for a less “cliché” Oktoberfest, this is your next best bet.


Killington, Vermont

For those looking for winter sports, Killington Vermont has got you covered. Their winter ski season can actually last through May, making mid-March a perfect, and more affordable, time to visit. With downhill skiing, snow tubing, ski biking, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and scenic gondola rides, there’s something for everyone here. An added bonus…Vermont Brewers Festival is held in late March, so consider starting the day with an early morning ski session and ending it with some evening brews.

Africa Cruises

Cruising in Africa might not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning a vacation, but it’s truly a destination to not be overlooked. This vast continent boasts beautiful and mostly untouched landscapes where you can travel from the mountains, to the desert, and to the plains of the Serengeti. March is Autumn in Africa, so you’ll get warmer weather and very little rain. Take an African safari, tour the jungle and falls, sip on some wine at the wineries, and swim in surf along the Indian Ocean, Red Sea, and Atlantic Ocean. For those risk takers, try shark cage diving for a full body thrill!