Month: February 2019

I love me, I love me not. The power of self love with Sabine Doubek

It has been said that you spend more time in your head than anywhere else in the world.  How you talk to yourself defines your success. The only limits you must overcome are the limits you place on yourself.  Self-love is important in business and in your personal life. Would you talk to your best friend the same way you talk to yourself?  It is only human to be the hardest on ourselves, but without knowing it, we are actually self-sabotaging. Let the love of acceptance help direct your focus, help build your relationships, and help yourself persevere to...

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Mergers: The Bang or Bust of Innovation

Businesses know innovation is a critical determinant of long-term growth. Along with gaining market share and profitability, innovation is used as a tool to increase opportunity.  Companies looking to realign themselves in a particular niche will often choose to merge with another business to help with diversification.  Overall, a merger eliminates the competition between two prior independent businesses, leaving one successor, but often the consequences for the consumers will be negative.  How does a business merge to impact its overall bottom line without alienating the initial customer? If you have been following the Wall Street Journal, recently, you would...

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