With Camilla Haugsten and Jasper Steinhausen

Sustain your competitive advantage by leading through learning. The world’s top CEOs practice true leadership by always engaging in thought-provoking theoretical pedagogy and
implementing newly developed attributes. Ouroboros bridges the gap between learning and
doing; walking you through the initial inception up until execution

“Circular Economy” is a more profitable way of doing business because there is no waste.
Basically, everything is a resource, which in turn means everything has a value, even waste.
When companies take this way of doing business and put it into play, it helps the planet, as it
consciously manages finite resources, and it helps businesses, as it maximizes value from less
resources. It’s a win for business and a win for sustainability, making it a great way to go. More specifically, companies that integrate sustainability into their DNA outperform traditional companies by 18% on ROI alone. Business leaders are always preparing to take the next step.

For many, a transition into sustainability is the right move; however, that move isn’t always clear. Ouroboros offers a range of leadership navigating programs with their discovery process, being a popular one. Here, you get to delve deep into your business’ set-up, get hands-on, and identify the key elements necessary to take the next step into circular economy. You’ll be able to: identify the three most important focus areas, develop your own strategic direction, and uncover untapped potential.

Resource scarcity, climate crisis, waste accumulation, and pollution are challenges that we face today. In reality, our eco-system’s threshold has been pushed beyond its limits, and people everywhere are starting to connect the dots and demand change. We are currently witnessing an unprecedented shift in how businesses interact with the world as more and more businesses are taking a sustainable approach to help minimize and reduce this strain on the environment and our ecosystem’s capacity. Circular economy replaces the old attempts at sustainability with a more regenerative approach, abiding by the true nature and definition of sustainability, to create new opportunities in service of future generations. Circular economy provides solutions to the creation of more value out of less resources and will provide vast opportunities for innovation and business creation

A company that understands the benefits of circular economy is Ouroboros. Their focus is to utilize their extensive knowledge and experience to help businesses generate competitive advantage by making circular business an integrated part of their Ouroboros’s vision of a transformed business culture and an economic paradigm shift serving both human wealth and all life on the planet across generations. They are looking to contribute to the next generation of businesses and the next generation of business leaders in such a way that future generation will look back at this era being the one re-shaping and transforming the economic paradigm. An era where circular economy becomes a key driver for business and future development. Business for the world is a widely recognized attitude, better business for a better world.
Ouroboros helps businesses achieve higher profits while at the same time contributing to the greater good of society and leaving a positive impact through radical resource efficiency and new business models.

As a proactive 21 st century business leader, you strive for the largest market share. You recognize the shifts in the market and know your competitors are moving to more sustainable methods of doing business. Not just any executive can implement the best sustainable model right away; it’s a hot topic, although not yet fully understood amongst proactive leaders. You don’t have to look at it alone, Ouroboros offers an opportunity to learn more and get connected through their online community and monthly sessions around relevant topics. Their “Gateway to Circular Economy for CEO’s and Top Executives” are free of charge, but by invitation or application only. Learn about the benefits and framework of circular economy and connect with other likeminded executives.

One of Ouroboros’s elite training courses is their Circular Economy Executive Mastermind. This is where they mentor business executives on how to implement “Circular Economy” into their business. This elite, first-of-its-kind experience is available only to C-level executives who are dedicated to some level of sustainability performance for their businesses. With only ten spots available on a rotating six-month period, the dynamic online group community sets the right
tone to step into the circular business mindset. Their success coaches help to reframe the current state of your business to show you just how effective a circular economy can be. The mastermind is designed to position their clients as global leaders in sustainability while also transforming their business results. With their focus on empowered learning, efficacious methodologies, and a growth mindset, you will gain the skills necessary to develop a successful strategy for your business. The Mastermind is led by the founders of Ouroboros, Camilla Haugsten and Jasper Steinhausen, who are premier experts in the field of Circular Economy, deeply experienced business advisors, and veteran activists in the sustainability and environmental movements.

What Ouroboros offers in their different training programs –
1. High ROTI – Return on Time Invested
2. Easy accessible in an online and live format to join directly from your office desk or wherever you are.
3. Compact and customized content based on your needs and with a mentoring model based on submitted participants’ questions and challenges.
4. Combination of group mentoring sessions
5. One-on-one coaching (depending on program) where they lead you through the steps and processes based upon what is needed for your specific situation.

Camilla is a co-founder and CEO of Ouroboros and an expert in resource management with over 15 years’ experience in the field. She holds a system approach that identifies the best opportunities for her clients. Camilla believes in continuous change and development and has vast experience in change management and facilitation of processes. She works hard to inspire, facilitate, and resolve innovation. Camilla has been passionately dedicated to sustainability and reconnecting nature all her life and loves to support leaders elevating their ambitions and embarking on their next adventures. With her extensive background in coaching and mental training, her presence is unique, and her energy and drive is infectious. Camilla is also a public speaker and moderator. She runs her own coaching business, including leadership programs
and trainings, in one of the leading Norwegian Coaching Schools. Throughout her professional life, Camilla has worked with facilitation of strategies and peak performance, ranging from international organizations, sport federations, and business society.

“Enabling business potential as the vehicle towards a sustainable future holds one absolute key in reinventing the ways we do both business and life” Camilla Haugsten, CEO. Jasper Steinhausen is the other co-founder of Ouroboros. He is a master in seeing and creating circular business solutions. Jasper is a translator of the green agenda into business language as well as a skilled conductor in getting people to understand and believe in the circular economy as a tool they can use to create business with embedded positive change – making them believe they can make a difference. Jasper is an incredible mentor for people who want to develop their business through sustainability. Not only is he passionate, but also he is an
appraised speaker on the topic of circular economy. His goal is to inspire and infuse a belief inn business leaders that they have the ability create positive change so that they start to generate a truly sustainable future.

“The debate is over. If you really pay attention, Circular Economy is the only thing that makes
sense now. For business and for the planet.”

“Circular Economy is not simply a cool tagline, it’s a clever way of business strategy, doing more with less and more than once.”

Link to company website: www.ouroboros.works