Month: January 2019

Who does it best? We found out at Ultimate Business Builder Family Edition

There is always a lot of discussion and debate about who is actually better at business.  Is it men? Is it women? People who received a master’s degree? Or maybe people who didn’t even go to university? To complicate this discussion a little more, while actually un-complicating it at the same time, there is a new group to look at, and when it comes to business, they know how to turn lemons into lemonade… and then sell that lemonade for profit! In recent months, the JT Foxx Org held an event called “Ultimate Business Builder, Family Edition”, with both...

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Best of Airport Layover Tours

Did you know that some airports offer free tours for those lengthy, dreaded layovers? While it might be a new concept to some, this has actually been going on for years. Make the most of your time by going on a mini vacation while you wait for your next flight.  And consider flying into one of these airports for your next layover.   Seoul Got a layover that is less than 8 hours? Not a problem if you’re flying into Seoul. While a majority of airports require you to have a longer layover in order to book a tour,...

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Circular Economy And The Power It Holds

With Camilla Haugsten and Jasper Steinhausen Sustain your competitive advantage by leading through learning. The world’s top CEOs practice true leadership by always engaging in thought-provoking theoretical pedagogy and implementing newly developed attributes. Ouroboros bridges the gap between learning and doing; walking you through the initial inception up until execution “Circular Economy” is a more profitable way of doing business because there is no waste. Basically, everything is a resource, which in turn means everything has a value, even waste. When companies take this way of doing business and put it into play, it helps the planet, as it consciously...

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