When’s the last time you updated your resume? If the answer doesn’t immediately come to you, it’s time to get your act together. A perfect career opportunity could come up out of the blue, and it’s best to be prepared for those situations. Even if you’re not actively searching for a job, this is the perfect opportunity to reflect on your career accomplishments over the past months or years and ensure they are on your resume.


It’s essential to include quantifiable achievements (money saved, money generated, time saved, etc.) to give your potential new employer a solid idea of your successes.

To get you started, try answering these questions. These are perfect questions to ask yourself when preparing to update your resume in September:

  • What is it you’ve done in your current position that helped your employer? Have you helped them make more or save more money? Have you streamlined a process to become more efficient? Again, use quantifiable numbers, percentages, and dollar signs when illustrating your achievements.
  • Have you attended any conferences or workshops that have aided in improving your job or position? List any names of the workshops, the dates and cities, you attended and any certifications earned from attending.
  • Have you learned any new computer skills while at your current position? Chances are you have, so don’t forget to include the names of any propriety software used in your industry.
  • Has your performance increased from last year? Highlight how you’ve gotten better at your position and how you will keep improving in the future.
  • Don’t forget to list any other important information specific to the job you may be applying for. It’s important to tailor your resume to the specific job in which you are applying, and something that may seem very minor to you may be a key factor for this new job. Include keywords in your resume that the specific job posting has used.

Don’t forget to clarify your brand and explain how you will add value. Specific examples are key if you want your resume to leave a lasting impression.

So go ahead, do yourself a favor and pull up your resume now. Invest some time, and get it updated. Oftentimes, job seekers avoid this step until the very last minute, and by that time, it’s too late.