A few questions that will most certainly go through anyone’s mind before starting a business, but the most important thing to remember is – if you never try, you will never succeed.

Many entrepreneurs around the world are constantly looking for new and different ways to make money. A great way to do that is through investing. There are hundreds of ways to invest, but the most important part is finding the right investments and what will work best for you. As we all know, to invest is to allocate money in the expectation of some benefit in the future. But not many people know how to invest or where to invest. It can be a very daunting task; you are using your own money, so what if you lose it? What if it takes too long before you see a return? Those are aspects that unfortunately hold people back from investing and that takes away the financial freedom that one can have from investing. Retirement is a word that many people shy away from until it’s too late. Thinking  about retiring and getting older is scary, and many people just do not want to do it, but the fact of the matter is, you have to do it. If you don’t start planning for the future, you will not have an easy stress-free retirement.

Chris Christofi didn’t wait to plan for his future. In his late 20’s, he had already started investing in property. As a family man, Chris knows the importance of being able to support his family as much as possible. It was his entrepreneurial spirit that led him to start Reventon Group. Reventon is one of Australia’s leading investment and financial service companies and has helped a countless amount of Australians, from first-time investors to savvy experienced investors, build wealth. Established in 2005, Reventon built a strong foundation in property and progressively expanded the services offered to include a full range of financial services. Reventon has helped guide many people to protect and secure their financial future. They will work hard to ensure their clients achieve their goals in the shortest time possible and have a positive and memorable experience in doing so.  Important aspects of investing include knowing exactly what you’re investing in, why you’re investing in it and what your return will be. Reventon strives for complete transparency in their investments so all of their clients know exactly what they are investing in and where their money is going. 

To invest, a person will needs funds; Chris and the Reventon Group understand that coming up with the funds can be difficult, and sometimes people just do not have enough money to invest. That is why Reventon helps individuals and families find the funds to invest. They actively help by putting a number of strategies into place to enable their clients to find the funds they need.


Reventon’s 5 Steps to Financial Freedom

The Initial Assessment – The Reventon team is like no other, they care about their clients and always ensure complete client satisfaction. That is why in the initial assessment, one of their qualified and licensed professionals help their clients clearly define their financial goals and objectives and establish if they are on track and what options may be available to them. This will aid the client in getting a clear understanding of what, where and how their investment will work.

Finance Consultation – The Reventon team allows their clients the opportunity to meetStarting a business, becoming a successful entrepreneur and making enough money to not have to worry about the future is something many people strive for, but it takes a lot of dedication, passion and drive. The meaning of the word ‘financial freedom’ differs from person to person; what may make one person financially free may not necessarily work for another person, but it’s probably safe to say we all understand the meaning in our own way.

In order to get to a place of financial freedom, there are steps that need to be put in place and strategies that need to be worked on. An attribute that entrepreneurs hold is risk taking; in anything, you have to take risks to succeed. The saying that we all hear is “high-risk, high-reward” and it is true. Now, this isn’t to say you should always be taking risks, but a certain amount of willingness to take risks needs to be there. Even just starting a business is in fact a risk. What if it fails? What if it takes too long to make money? What if you’re am not cut out for this? These are a f with their experienced finance specialists who will carefully design a plan that will best suit the client and their family and identify the most effective way to pay down existing debts and create new appreciating assets. Not many people have access to experienced reliable finance specialists, and that is why this step is so crucial.

Investment Consultation – As we know, investing can get tricky. The Reventon team sets up a meeting with an investment consultant to identify the most effective and affordable investment strategy. This is to begin the implementation stage of the client’s investment strategy and is where things start to get exciting; it’s where the clients investments start to come to life.

Financial Planning and Accounting – The Reventon’s team of financial planners will give their clients professional financial advice on their long-term goals tailored to their individual needs and circumstances. This is to maximize one’s investment returns with Reventon accounting.

Ongoing management – The Reventon team always keeps an open line of communication. They believe in transparency and that communication is key. The Revention team works hard to keep their clients in the loop; they include 6 monthly updates, reviews, monthly newsletters and happy calls to ensure their clients stay on track and achieve their financial goals.

The Reventon team truly cares deeply for their clients and their financial futures. This team has worked very hard to create a solid and trustworthy company whose main goal is to to help as many people as possible. Put your trust in them, and you will see great returns in the future