Month: April 2018

Stocks To Look Out For in 2018

So far in 2018, the markets are looking a tad wobbly. There is talk of possible interest rate hikes and a potential global recession, but that doesn’t necessarily have to stop perspective investors from dominating the stock market. In order to find a good investment, you need to know the markets well and do your homework before you decide to invest. Here are a few companies that are looking promising for 2018: Live Ventures Incorporated, they are a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ Capital Market. LIVE achieved close to $18 Million in net profit in 2016. $120 million assets...

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The Reventon Way Really Works

How much money will I need to retire?  Where will the money for me to invest even come from?  Can I afford to invest? Can I afford not to invest? These are just some of the most common questions plaguing people not just in Australia, but all over the world.   Even more challenging is that most people don’t often want to admit that they might not understand how investing works, so they avoid it all together.  The reality is that if you don’t start planning now then you simply might not have any money for retirement at all. The...

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Your Customers want to buy; they just don’t want to be sold

Old School vs. New School ways of selling… It’s time to talk about sales. When you just read the word sales did you immediately think “used car salesman” and get slightly disgusted? If you did you are not alone, the world sales carries with it a bad reputation these days and the reasons why are endless. You think of the car salesman that sold you the car that was the worst car you have ever owned, you think of someone knocking on your door to sell you knives, a vacuum cleaner, or perhaps artwork out of the back of their car. Yes these...

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Over the past few years, United has been making all sorts of headlines…but not the kind of headlines they would want. But, is bad publicity better than no publicity? We aren’t sure in their case. The latest United misconduct happened just a few weeks ago when they were responsible for the death of a puppy. Sophia and Catalina Robledo, a mother and daughter travelling together with their 10-month-old puppy from Houston to New York had a nightmare experience. When they got on board, the mother put the dog in his carrier but struggled to fit it under the seat...

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Anyone in business has heard the phrase, “happy employees make better employees”, which leads them to being more productive. But is this true? As a business owner, is there a way to increase profits simply by treating your employees well? People have even said that sometimes employees can be investments; you invest time and effort into your employees and they will in return, work harder, faster and with more effort. Employees have a lot of control over a business and how it is being run, finding good employees is one thing but keeping those employees happy is another. HOW...

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