This is a question that has been floating around for decades, are entrepreneurs a different breed to everyone else and naturally have the skills and drive from birth or are they molded into having those attributes with education and experience?

Starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur is a dream that most people have, to be their own boss and call all the shots but it isn’t as easy for some people than it is for others. The question is why? Why are some people able to start as an entrepreneur and succeed when others fail?


We could put it down to personality and the certain traits people have, maybe certain people would say they aren’t born to be entrepreneurs but they are born with a strong drive, a hard-working streak and tons of creativity which evidently make them the ideal candidate for a good entrepreneur.


In a recent study, people with preferences for intuition, more likely described themselves as entrepreneurs. This shows that successful entrepreneurs are more focused and have a strong intuition and can see the bigger picture easily. A quote from Steve Jobs explains this statement perfectly – “Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect.” You have to have that intuition of markets, people and sales.


You don’t have to be Einstein 2.0 to become an entrepreneur but a high intellect is definitely a must. To start, run and successfully grow a business, knowledge and intellect is something you have to have. But having said that, being smart is one thing, but having good instincts is a close follow up and without vision and instincts you won’t go very far. Imagination isn’t something that can be taught, that is a trait you are either born with or you aren’t.