Most people dream of a job that they can do from the comfort of their own home and in their favorite zebra onesie but it is more difficult to find a work from home job over a regular office job.

There are a ton of reasons why working from home is a great option for people and especially small business owners.

Here are a few :

Flexibility – working at home allows you to create your own schedule, be in charge of your hours and use your most productive times during the day. You can also work in whatever clothing you wish which enables you extra comfort.


Reduced distractions – while one would think there would be more distractions at home, you are in control of your own distractions. In an office, you have colleagues and other office based noise that can become a huge distraction and stop productivity.


No commute – one of the most annoying aspects of working is having to drive to work and wait in traffic for what could be hours which just leads to you being ridiculous late or having to wake up at crazy hours in order to make it there on time. Not to mention the money that would be saved on gas and wear and tear on a car.


Improvement of life and balance – Finding a balance between life and work can always be a challenge especially if you’re stuck in an office for most of your life but working from home can help with balancing the two.


But like most things in life, with the good, we have to get the bad and these are some of the cons of working from home



Self-discipline – This is something that is rare to find in a person, getting up and focusing on work when you are in your home takes a huge amount of self-discipline.



Gets Lonely –  When you work from home, there is no one else around you and it can be very isolating and lonesome.


Not knowing when to stop – Shutting down and stopping can be difficult when your laptop is at arm’s reach 24/7. It is common to overwork when deadlines are near and that can take a toll on stress and your personal life.


Losing living space – If you work at home, you will of course need an office or place to work which will take away space from your home and living areas.

One important thing to remember when deciding if working from home is for you, is the type of work you do and if you would be able to do that from home and get the most productivity out of it.