New year’s resolutions are like a good kick in the butt, we all need them to start off the year the best way we can. Although, they vary for everyone, whether you are trying to stop eating that divine chocolate slab that you hide in your kitchen cupboard or drinking the cheap wine from the store down the street, or even just to be nicer to your mother in law on those dreaded Sunday family lunches. We all need those strict guidelines to help us stay on track.

Now, what if new year’s resolution became new year new you? I’m not saying you need to completely change who you are but try change up a few things, switch out your regular faded pencil skirt for a hot pink pant suit, try a new diet, be nicer to joe, the office clown. Surprise people around you and you’ll be surprised with the outcomes of it.

Everyone gets stuck in business, it’s a fact. We hit that brick wall and we just don’t know where to go or what to do. Trying new things can help with that block, you never know the outcomes of things until you try them. Most important connections come when we least expect it, maybe the attractive woman you held the door open for in Starbucks is the CEO of a company you would die to work for or the man next to you on the treadmill works for a company that you could do deals with.

It is not often that you find someone who is fond of change, most of the time people are terrified and absolutely hate change and even just the thought of it but it is necessary for business. Entrepreneurs have to make change their best friend if they want to become successful and it is not an easy job. They have to constantly keep up with the now and create new ideas and concepts and if something works today, it might not work tomorrow and they have to be able to handle changing it. It is normal for someone to grow attached to their business or product and that is good but a healthy balance between loving it and knowing when to let go is important.

As each year rolls on, we forget how important the saying “in with the new, out with the old “is and to propel forward we have to keep that in the back of our minds each day.