Month: January 2018

New Year New You

New year’s resolutions are like a good kick in the butt, we all need them to start off the year the best way we can. Although, they vary for everyone, whether you are trying to stop eating that divine chocolate slab that you hide in your kitchen cupboard or drinking the cheap wine from the store down the street, or even just to be nicer to your mother in law on those dreaded Sunday family lunches. We all need those strict guidelines to help us stay on track. Now, what if new year’s resolution became new year new you?...

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Top 5 Do’s And Don’s Of Wining And Dining Your Clients

We all know that being taken out to an amazing meal can be memorable. Just as memorable as impressions, if you’re trying to close that deal or get that long-awaited promotion, think about spoiling your boss or client to a good meal. Now i am not just talking about a fast food 2 for $5 special. Think outside the box, be creative. People want to feel special, they want to be fussed over, so fuss!   Do your homework Before your lunch meeting, do some homework on that person and find out what kinds of foods they like or...

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