Month: November 2017

Trump: Good or Bad for Business?

Trump: Good or Bad for Business?   an Interview with Wayne Allyn Root by Francie Baldwin Turn on the TV, read any newspaper, or listen to any radio show, and you are hard pressed to find anyone that is in support of President Donald Trump, his policies, or what he has done in office to date. Is the entire country really opposing President Trump, or is the the media skewing the opinion? It wouldn’t be hard to agree with the latter as early on in his campaign, Trump decided to wage war with the media, frequently using the terminology...

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Rich Partner Poor Partner

“I have a great deal!” Words too often said at networking functions, business conferences, charity galas, and just about anywhere there are people with funds to invest.  To most people with the means to invest, it becomes an automatic turnoff. All that one hears is, “I want to pitch you something.”  Those words are a tell-tale sign that you are dealing with an unseasoned investor that isn’t ready to handle a partnership… or what we will call in this article the “Poor Partner.” Although sometimes it can be easy to spot the poor partner, sometimes they aren’t as easy...

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