At the F8 Facebook annual conference Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a 3 part plan to eliminate the smart phone. First part is to come up with a cool game changing technology, Secondly you build the product, thirdly you build an ecosystem so that developers can add applications and build their own businesses around it.

Facebook’s Side 

If everything goes according to plan according to Facebook by 2026 the whole world will be connected to the internet by 2026. With a new craze of smart glasses Snap chat came out with, Facebook also believes that the future of smart phones will be one without screens and more focus on smart glasses powered by artificial intelligences where computers chat with humans. Facebook is now developing technology where now you will be able to type with your brain. Scary to some but to others the divide between reality and science fiction is becoming smaller and smaller.

What the Smart Phone Evangelist Say

Although the technology may involve, the cell phone is not going away. 3D reality TV has been more or less has been a flop. Also with Apple your are being a trend of people getting the smaller phone, (newer version of Apple 5S size), when it comes to people’s fun many people want less complicated. On average a person will  not use more than 10 apps on a consistent base and many places in the world like emerging countries are simply not ready for the future that Mark Zuckerberg is presenting. The smart phone is a tool, not a game especially for entrepreneurs, just like people have not yet adopted wireless headphones after Apples change of headset, don’t expect to flock to a cell phone within a virtual reality world. Expand places like your home (Google’s Nest) and your car to be integrated first with this reality.

What The Powerful Thinks

Recently Mark Zuckerberg revealed on his Facebook page that he built his very own artificial intelligence to power his phone called Jarvis and voiced by Morgan Freeman


No one thought flat screens for phones would ever work, or the iPad revolution. Although so far the smart watch has more less been a dude. A phone is a necessity but a smart watch to many is a luxury. The question is are heading towards 3D phone conversations communications like we see on Star Wars powered by Smart glasses, with Facebook very big reach, cash reserves and their ability to see the future in business it could happen. But if Apple and Google have anything to do with this, they will make sure their products are still relevant and indispensable to us. I love my phone but hated by Google glasses, so I am sticking with Apple’s vision on this one but Zuckerberg has a way of proving everyone wrong every time. Just ask all the people who thought that instagtram at 1 billion was a waste of money and it’s now worth (x billion).

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