If you’ve opened your eyes before, chances are, you’ve seen art. Art can be as simple as starting an old challenge with a new mind set. That is us being open-minded, and allowing our minds to flow freely.

So many people have a misconception of artists, thinking they have a special quality that others lack.  But that, my friends is not the case. There is no right or wrong way to be an artist, when we create, it allows us to take risks without judging ourselves. Art is imperfect, so don’t take things to heart if they don’t go as planned. When we take things lightly, we become more patient. A child may pick up a toy and play with it incorrectly, but they are still being creative and open minded, resulting in happiness. If you can create happiness, there will be no need to search for it.

That colorful fruit salad you had for breakfast? You created a dimension of texture and shades of colour without even noticing. Amazing huh?

Not only is art an amazing way to self express, but Scientists believe that those who spend a little extra time being creative have better problem solving skills – if only we as humans believed in ourselves.
“We’ve become narrow in the way we think about creativity. We tend to think of it as rarefied: artists, musicians, poets. But the cook in her kitchen is showing creativity when she invents a variation on a recipe.” Says Teresa Amanile, a psychologist at Brandeis University.

We as people become predictable in our set routine, which can consume our minds without even knowing it. Your wife complained you never noticed her new dress? That’s because you’re so set on seeing things as they always are, rather than what they could be, that you close your ability to perceive.

When we create, it allows us to discover our desires, build bonds with other people doing the same thing as us. Whether it’s painting or trading thoughts and ideas, a sense of community falls into place. This also allows us to spend our time doing positive things.
When we put our energy into developing our own ideas and thoughts, we become more self aware, and more confident within ourselves and who we are.
After all we were created to create.