Does what you wear to work matter? We think so, pretending that no one cares or notices your drab office wardrobe isn’t doing you any favors. The Wall Street Journal pointed out a few studies that backed that up, they said It does matter what you wear to work. Not only does your clothes effect your confidence but it’s true, people make quick judgments about your abilities based on what you’re wearing. No one wants to look up to someone with a fuzzy sweater and dirty shoes.

In a 2014 study at Yale, showed that men who wear suits are better at negotiating than those wearing everyday clothes or sweats. In the study, the participants who were dressed casually backed down faster than the ones in suits. In another study done last year, men wearing more formal office clothes tended to have stronger leadership skills than those who were dressed casually. The formally dressed participants were better at abstract thinking and focusing on the big picture. While this isn’t all that surprising that the old notion of “dressing for the job you want” is backed up by modern-day research.

When you’re new to a company, it takes a few weeks to feel out what the formality is and what fellow employees tend to do. Chances are there’s definitely going to be some people in scuffed shoes and wrinkled shirts, and a couple over-achievers who are always one-step shy of black tie every morning. It’s about finding that medium. If your go to is to just wear a button-down shirt with jeans, change things up by switching out the jeans for trousers. If you’re someone who wears sneakers to the office, think about doing some wing-tips instead.

Investing in yourself is crucial in being successful, even if you’re not making the big bucks yet, spend any extra cash you have on clothes that’ll last you for years, that you can use when you have that special work event or you want to impress people around you. The saying “dress like a boss” means two things. 1) That you wear your clothes with confidence and 2) That you look refined and clean.  In order to achieve this, you have to pay close attention to the small things. For men, make sure your beard is always neatly trimmed, that your tie is straight and your shoes are polished. For woman, make sure your hair is neat and you have a little make up on to show that you did have those extra few minutes in the morning to do so. Also, that your clothes are up to business standard. Its more tricky for woman because there’s many self-conscious issues that come into play, but we can assure you, if you’re dressed like a beast with a tiara, that confidence will come.

If you decide to make these wardrobe changes you must ease into it, don’t go from T-shirt-and-sweats-guy to suit-guy overnight. People around you will call you out on it, and they’d be right to. Doing this usually means you’re either after something or applying for a new job. Make sure your transformation is slow and steady so that when you do show up to the office looking like a million bucks, everyone will think it’s because you got the big promotion. But be careful not to brag about your new changes, even
if you’ve never looked better in your life, you don’t want to have to fish for compliments, let your colleagues do that. The most important thing we can tell you is, Dress for the job you want, it matters!