Get Rich Quick or Get Rich Period.

Google “Get Rich Quick” and let me know what you find on the internet.  The content that kept landing on my computer screen would revert back to one common theme, you can’t get rich quick, and most will never get rich at all.  To the extent of you will even find advice from Warren Buffet saying “forget get rich quick, instead get rich slowly.” The next most popular things that comes up is the term “Get Rich Quick Scheme” which is a term that started in the 1990’s to define shady investment.  Yet this is such a popular search term on google there are over 11 million search results yielded by Google.

Let’s evaluate both sides… get rich quick or get rich period. 

Some might argue that there are plenty of people that seemed to get rich overnight, so that it is possible to get rich fast.  Often people don’t actually see the side where all the work, energy and effort was put in.  There really isn’t such thing as an overnight success, yet that is what a lot of people are yearning for.  However if it was really that easy, everyone would do it!

How about just Get Rich?!?

 What impact does time really play in getting rich, and does it really matter how quickly you actually get rich or develop your wealth?  There are a few things that tend to happen to the typical individual when someone builds their wealth, or gets rich too quickly.  When someone acquires money too quickly, especially when you have never had money before, it gets spent.  Large amounts of money start coming in, and coming in quickly… so it will always be that way, let’s spend it.  Cars, homes, vacations, boats, planes, and shopping is where money goes from overnight success, which isn’t building wealth but instead accumulating a lot of potential debt if your wealth isn’t sustainable.

Instead the wiser individual, however quickly they make their money, looks at investing and sustainability in the mode in which their money was made.  They have a strategy and a plan for how to keep building that level of wealth and grow to the next level.  It is easy to share the stories of those who have built sustainable wealth plans, it’s also easy to discuss those who had it all and then lost it all.  The challenge is to really take a look at someone who had nothing, became incredibly wealthy, lost it all, but then came back and build a sustainable wealth.  Most people who lose it all can’t make a comeback… but doesn’t everyone love a great comeback!

The search to find an individual who was dynamic, passionate, and driven enough to achieve this challenging feat lead straight to one person.


 What do you get when you combine the coolness of James Bond, the resourcefulness of Jason Borne, the wisdom of Yoda, and the superhero charisma of Arnold Schwarzenegger?  It’s not superman its David Fabricius.

Yes, Fabricius does actually live up to those claims, and really is compared to each of those individuals rightly so.  He isn’t actually a spy, secret agent, or fictional character but he does have skills, experience, and wealth that only the top less then 1% have.  Fabricius comes from a very humble modest beginning, so this isn’t something he was born with.

David was born in a small village in South Africa where he would gather figs from trees before the monkeys got to them, and was more concerned about staying alive then he was about getting rich.  Early on he did vision a better life, and being able to accomplish more, as is the case with most of those born with that entrepreneurial spirt in them.  At only 18 David served as a instructor in a special forces unit, trained by the British SAS.  Also was an instructor and team leader in a national counter terrorism SWAT unit.  This unit specialized in hostage recue and high value target arrest.  While in the South African military Special Forces School he received 1st place in a special instructors course, proving early on his superb leadership skills at a very young age.  David’s military training not only brought out his natural leadership ability, but also sparked a thrill-seeking curiosity, and most importantly lead him to find his calling in motivational speaking and elite success coaching.

Having already been the recipient of The Four Outstanding Young South-African award, and a finalist in the JCI Ten Outstanding Young Person in the World Award in Japan it was time for a new challenge.  He had been able to build a good life in South Africa, but was willing to give it all away for something new.  So having acquired a special talents and extraordinary ability visa he set his sights on the USA.  David arrived speaking very poor English, not really having anything to his name.  Shortly after his arrival in the USA he received the Key of Freedom from the City of Miami, but was homeless at the time.

Not having a place to call home, or sure where his next bit of money would come from David decided to make his home in San Diego California.  Determination, focus, intense hunger for success and strength are what kept David focused on building his success in his new home.  This passion for motivational speaking was finally realized.  It didn’t take long for, this full of energy and incredibly passionate young man to start to captivate and inspire audiences.  Its not just any audiences that he’s able to captivate either.

David has been requested to share the stages with the likes of Sir Richard Brandon, Tony Robbins, and Robert Kiyosaki and their events.  Perhaps some of the most widely known and recognized speakers in the world, with very passionate audience.  These are the audiences of people that David has been able to captivate and win over with ease.  Through his speaking David has been able to build a highly successful business that has lead him to creating sustainable wealth.   Far behind him are the days of being homeless, and instead he knows what it’s like to enjoy the finer luxuries in life.

What does it take to be Rich according to David Fabricius

 So what does it take to not get rich quick, but get rich and stay rich period.  This is after all what people what to know so they too can build their wealth.  David has compiled a list of the things he feels were critical in his success, and what he coaches other on to build their own success.

 Hard work

Just as Buffet said, forget about get rich quick.  It’s going to be hard work, it’s going to take time.  The statement often heard is “if it was easy everyone would do it.” Perhaps that is said so often because it is so true.  To become part of the 1% it really does take a lot of hard work, and the hard work doesn’t stop, you must always be willing to work hard to achieve what you want.


The right risks, in the right amount are going to be the difference maker.  If you are just sitting there waiting for success to just fall into your lap, you are going to be sitting and waiting for a very long time.  You have to develop the sight for the opportunities that are the ones that you should take a risk on.  Everyday shouldn’t be a risk, but you are going to have to take some risks along to way to get to where you want to be going.


Keep going, and going, and going.  Most great things don’t happen the first try, or even the second time.  You are going to have to continue to follow up, to make connections, and keep going for what you want.  Entrepreneurs are usually familiar with the image of the gold miner that stops digging just before the gold is reached.  He wasn’t persistent in his pursuit of success so he never reached the gold.


In the beginning you might be doing a lot of stuff on your own, you have to start out with some hustle in you.  As you start to grow you need to be able to delegate things to others, and be able to systemize.  When business have a system and structure to follow there is a plan and growth becomes easier.  In the recent movie “The Founder” you see just how systemized McDonalds actually was from the very beginning.  Those who followed the system saw success, those who didn’t lost their franchises.  Systems are put into place to keep consistency, make growth easier, and to streamline processes.  Whenever you do something, or anyone does something and get it to the point where the process works it should then be documented as the system so it can be replicated.


You are only as great as your coach.  Everyone that is successful has someone that they take guidance and direction from.  You can’t do it all on your own, if you do it is going to take you ten times longer because you are going to make every mistake along the way.  A coach is able to look inside your business and see the things that you can’t, and is able to guide you away from making mistakes to save you time, energy, and money.  Your coach should be at a success level that is greater then yours, you can’t get advice from someone who isn’t more successful then you are.  David coaches multiple people to achieve success, but he himself is also coached by others to keep getting that outside perspective on how to grow and improve.  This only makes him an even better coach.


A business basic is building a brand.  When you are branded people come to you, want to work with you, want to get involved with what you are doing.  They follow you, the become advocates of your brand, brand insisters, and raving fans.  Creating a brand, living and breathing that brand builds your audience.  If nobody knows who you are, and has never heard of you before it becomes challenging to really grow that customer base.


If you think relying on word of mouth is going to build your business to creating that level of wealth you are looking for then you are in trouble.  Being incredibly strategic with how you market your brand is what sets you apart.  Even the most well know companies, entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, or investors all market.  Marketing is how you expose your message to more people to having continued, sustained, growth.  If you aren’t marketing you are dyeing, so it’s time to start marketing and marketing very strategically.


When it comes to spirit there are few different things to look at.  You have to have a winning spirit that won’t let you give up.  You also need to have that grateful spirit that practices gratitude for the things that you achieve.  Not everyday is going to be the best day ever, so your spirit is going to be a big part of what gets you through.  You can’t be a quitter, someone who throws in the towel easily, you have to be a fighter.


Do you want to get rich quick, or get rich period?

 There are a lot of factors to building sustainable wealth and get rich period.  David Fabricius has a depth of understanding and experience in this because he has lived this.  As someone who has been homeless, and almost died on 5 different occasions he not only will never give up on himself, he refuses to give up on those he works with.  His focus on becoming the best has give him all the tools and skill for sustainable wealth, and now drive is to do this for others as well.

The coaching and masterminds that Fabricius leads, along side his award winning team are unparalleled with results speaking for themselves.  David is a living example of getting rich period, and that’s what he is going to do for you too.

So now the choice is yours, do you want to fall victim to the next “get rich quick scheme” that you see, or do you want to have the Jason Borne, James Bond, Yoda, Schwarzenegger real life super hero of David Fabricius on your side for getting rich period.