Month: October 2017

Could bad blood cost you billions? The story of Elizabeth Holmes

As a sophomore at Stanford, Elizabeth Holmes pictured a way to reinvent old-fashioned Blood testing. That was just over a 10 years ago. Holmes, now 30, dropped out of Stanford at just 19 years old and started a company called Theranos. She partnered with Walgreens pharmacy and started the testing from there. She created an innovative way to test blood, Instead of vials of blood. Theranos came up with a way to only use a pinprick and a drop of blood to test which was revolutionary to blood testing. They can run 30 tests on one drop of blood....

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Media Attention… Brand Builder or Brand Buster?

Media attention… brand builder or destroyer? This is something that is debated by most people, and opinions often vary based on what side of the industry you are on, and where the person stands to benefit the most.  It’s time to actually explore the statement that all media attention is positive…is that really possible? One thing is for sure; when you, your business or brand are in the media, everyone knows who you are.  Does that leave you with positive or negative awareness? Media exposure holds a certain level of prestige. If you are talked about in the media,...

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